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Tourist attractions in Monaco

Monaco being a small state attracts many tourists. Some of the important tourist attractions are mentioned below :

Prince's Palace of Monaco
The Prince's palace is one of the finest examples of architecture in Monaco. The Prince's Palace was built in 1191. It is now a favorite spot of the tourists. When we look back to the past, we find that the fort was under attack by the foreigners in different times. It was controlled by the Grimaldi family in the 13th century. The Grimaldi family ruled in Monaco for 700 years. The history of Monaco, therefore, depends a lot on the history of this Prince's Palace.

Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino was built in the year 1878 by Charles Garnier. His claim to fame is Opera House that too was designed by him in Paris.Monte Carlo Casino is magnificent in its interiors. 'Salle Garnier' the opera house is done in mystifying combination of scarlet and gold. It has beautiful delicately colored frescoes on its walls that add magnificence to the already matchless settings. The sculptures inside look almost real with their exquisite craft. The opera house boasts of grand concerts and performances by renowned artists held in its premises for more than a century. Just before the opera house is atrium done in white marble having 28 columns in black hue.

Oceanographic Museum
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco was established in the year 1910. Oceanographic Museum is a museum of marine sciences. Founded by Prince Albert I, this museum is a monument which includes unique architectural characteristics. The Oceanographic Musuem in Monaco is a grand structure, with its magnificent front structure, rising 279 feet above the sea level. This museum of marine sciences took eleven years to build and it is made up of 100,000 tons of stone bring from La Turbie. The museum is a home to noteworthy collections of varied species of sea fauna

Monte Carlo Opera House
The building is famous world wide for the painting and carvings all over. It is actually an opera house. Monte Carlo Opera House was built in late 19th century. It is under the territory of the prince of Monaco. The history behind this opera house is quite an interesting one. France is always known for its rich culture and education. For hundreds of years the Frenchmen were considered as the pioneer of sophistication, culture and etiquette. Countries like England used to follow the French footsteps. But as the years progressed, the French culture began to decline. The king and the noble men were very much worried of this cultural diminution.

The Monte Carlo Opera House is also known as Salle Garnier. It was inaugurated on 25th January, 1879. The main entrance of the opera house was only used by the royal family and there was a private stair case to take them to their private box. The Monte Carlo Opera House was built by the famous French architect Charles Garnier. He picked up the best craftsmen in France for this project. Sarah Bernhard inaugurated the opera building. Some of the internationally acclaimed voices hosted here in Monte Carlo Opera House are Melba, Gigli, Patti, Tamango, and Schipa and so on. It is a must see for the tourists who visit France.

Princess Rose Garden
Princess Grace Rose Garden is located on a close by slope of the Fontvieille Park in Monaco. The garden is popular in the whole world for its extraordinary collection of roses. All of these beautiful roses are displayed along the walkways of the rose garden. The gardeners of this garden are engaged in growing the roses throughout the year. Here in this garden you can find a pragmatic statue of Princess Grace surrounded by beautiful and most uncommon roses of the world. Here in this garden the admission is free for the visitors.

Wax Museum
Wax Museum is one of the most-visited museums on Monaco. Throughout the year this museum attends a huge rush and entertains the tourists across the globe. It is located on the Rue Basse which is said to be one of the most beautiful streets on the old town. Since a long time this wonderful Wax Museum is enchanting its visitors with its rich collection. The place is indeed perfect for the persons who are highly interested about the ancient past of Monaco.