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Political Map of Cambodia

by Vishal Kumar

  Cambodia is a southeastern Asian country and the capital of the country is Phnum Penh. The residents of the country are known as “Khmer” or “Cambodian”. The country is…

Political Map of Cambodia


Cambodia is a southeastern Asian country and the capital of the country is Phnum Penh. The residents of the country are known as “Khmer” or “Cambodian”. The country is characterized by two separate seasons. In the Cambodia political map, various features of the country have been highlighted.

Cambodia is located at southeastern Asia. The total area of Cambodia is 181,040 square kilometers. The population of Cambodia as per the estimate taken in 2007 July was 13,995,904. The geographic coordinates of Cambodia are 13° North latitude and 105° East longitude. In the political map of Cambodia, details like provinces and their capitals, international boundaries and the neighboring countries, provincial capital all have been provided using specific symbols.

Cambodia Capital

The capital of Cambodia is Phnum Penh. The geographic coordinates of Phnum Penh are 11°33′ N latitude and 104°55′ E longitude. Phnum Penh is located at 52 feet above sea level. The nearby airports of the capital city are Kampong Chhnang and Phnom Penh Intl. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity to Phnum Penh are:

Stoeng Mean Chey Phumi Kaoh Norea Toek L’ak
Khum Dangkao Chrouy Changvar Khum Chbar Ampou
Phumi Prey Sambuor

Cambodia States

The Cambodia states have been indicated in the printable map of Cambodia by different colors. The state boundaries are also indicated in the map using a definite pattern of black lines. The different Cambodia states that are highlighted in the political Cambodia map are:

Preah Seihanu Kampot Keb
Takev Kaoh Kaoh Kampong Spoe
Phnom Penh Kandal Prey Veng
Svayrieng Pouthisat Kampong Chhnang
Kampong Cham Batdambang Kampong Thum
Kracheh Mondol Kiri Banteay Mean Cheay
Siem Reab Preah Vihear Stoeng Treng
Rotanah Kiri Otsar Mean Cheay

Cambodia State Capitals

The capitals of the states of Cambodia are highlighted in the map of Cambodia by using white boxes. Some of the capitals of the states of Cambodia that are indicated in the map are:

Keb Preah Seihanu Kampong Spoe
Takev Ta Khmfau Svay Rieng
Prey Veng Kampong Cham Sisophon
Batdambang Pouthisat Lumphat
Stoeng Treng Siemreab Phnum Tbeng Meanchey

Cambodia major cities

The important cities of Cambodia have been indicated in the political map of Cambodia by using black dots. Some of the cities of Cambodia, which are printed in the map, are:

Phomi Samraong Choam Khsant Siempang
Virochey Bong Long Moung Roessei
Sambor Sandan Sre Ambel
Kampong Trabek

Provinces of Cambodia

Province Capital Pop-2008 Area(km.²) Area(mi.²)
Bântéay Méanchey Sisophon 677,872 6,679 2,579
Bătdâmbâng Batdâmbâng 1,025,174 11,702 4,518
Kâmpóng Cham Kâmpóng Cham 1,679,992 9,799 3,783
Kâmpóng Chhnăng Kâmpóng Chhnang 472,341 5,521 2,132
Kâmpóng Spœ Kâmpóng Spoe 716,944 7,017 2,709
Kâmpóng Thum Kâmpóng Thum 631,409 13,814 5,334
Kâmpôt Kâmpôt 585,850 4,873 1,881
Kândal Ta Khmau 1,265,280 3,568 1,378
Kaôh Kŏng Krong Kaôh Kong 117,481 11,160 4,309
Krâchéh Krâchéh 319,217 10,094 3,897
Krong Keb Krong Keb 35,753 336 130
Krong Pailin Krong Pailin 70,486 803 310
Krŏng Preăh Sihanouk Kâmpóng Saôm 221,396 868 335
Môndól Kiri Senmonorom 61,107 14,288 5,517
Ŏtdâr Méanchey Samraong 185,819 6,158 2,378
Phnom Penh Phnom Penh 1,327,615 290 112
Poŭthĭsăt Pouthisat 397,161 12,692 4,900
Preăh Vihéar Phnum Tbêng Méanchey 171,139 13,788 5,324
Prey Vêng Prey Vêng 947,372 4,883 1,885
Rôtânôkiri Lumphat 150,466 10,782 4,163
Siĕmréab Siemréab 896,443 10,299 3,976
Stœ̆ng Trêng Stoeng Trêng 111,671 11,092 4,283
Svay Riĕng Svay Rieng 482,788 2,966 1,145
Takêv Takêv 844,906 3,563 1,376
Tbong Khmum Tbong Khmum


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