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Forts and Castles in Armenia

The Forts and Castles of Armenia attract a large number of tourists. These forts and castles in Armenia are not only beautiful but they are the symbol of rich culture of Armenia. The Forts and Castles of Armenia tell a lot about the history of Armenia.
If you want to know more about the Forts and Castles of Armenia then you can take a guide with you when you visit them.

Aghjkaghala castle
This castle of Armenia is an Armenian attraction and is located near Marduni, on the Getik River. You have to climb a peak to reach the castle.

Amberd Fort
This Fort of Armenia belongs to the 7 th century .It is just situated in the slopes of Mount Aragata. Byurakan village is just at a distance of four miles. The fort went to the hands of House of Pahlavuni after four centuries. Prince Vahram Vachutian Pahlavuni remodeled it. The fort was strengthened with strong walls. The fort has a doomed church with valuable inscriptions. The castle has a bath house also. The Seljuk Turks and the Mongols destroyed it in the 11 th and 13 th century.

Erebuni Fortress was actually a military base built by king Argisti in 782 BC. It is situated in Yereman.

Namrun Kalesi was a beautiful castle in the Taurus Mountains and Armenian Hethumid princes lived here. The castle was earlier known as Lampron.

These forts and castles of Armenia are protected by the Armenian government because they form a main part of the Armenia Tourism.