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Trinidad And Tobago Map

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Where is Trinidad & Tobago ?
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Trinidad and Tobago, an island country, is located in Caribbean Sea. Trinidad and Tobago is renowned for its Carnival. The capital city is Port of Spain and the largest city is Chaguanas.
Trinidad And Tobago Map
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Trinidad-and-tobago lies between North Atlantic Ocean and Carribean Sea. With a total population of 1,056,608 (estimate of 2007) Trinidad and Tobago has a parliamentary democracy. The map of Trinidad-and-tobago offers information on the entire physiography of the country. The Trinidad map also guides the tourists about the location of various places of interest in the country. Trinidad-and-tobago carnival is one of the attractive cultural appeals of the country. English is the official language of Trinidad-and-tobago. The industries that generate revenue for Trinidad-and-tobago include cement, beverage, petroleum, food processing, cotton garments and many others. Rice, cocoa, citrus and vegetables are the prime agricultural products of Trinidad-and-tobago.

International Airport
  • Piarco International Airport
  • A.N.R. Robinson International Airport
  • Camden Base
Points of Interest
  • Asa Wright Nature Centre
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary
  • Woodford Square
  • Emperor Valley Zoo
  • Yerette
  • Englishman's Bay
Major Industries
  • petroleum and petroleum products
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • methanol
  • ammonia
  • urea
  • steel products
  • beverages

Trinidad and Tobago has a blend of mountains and plains in its terrain. The island got independence from United Kingdom on 31st August 1962. The country is officially known as Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The country follows parliamentary democracy. The Trinidad and Tobago Political Map indicates the boundaries, major cities and the national capital of the country.

Political Trinidad and Tobago Features

Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelago, which is located between North Atlantic Ocean and southern Caribbean Sea. During the first half of 19th century, the island nation came under the control of the Britishers. The geographic coordinates of Trinidad and Tobago are 11° North latitude and 61°West longitude. The total area covered by the country is 5128 square kilometers.

Trinidad and Tobago Administrative Divisions

The country has been divided into:
  • 9 regional corporations, which are Diego Martin, Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo, Penal/Debe, Mayaro/Rio Claro, Sangre Grande, Princes Town, Siparia, San Juan/Laventille and Tunapuna/Piarco
  • 3 borough corporations of Chaguanas, Arima, and Point Fortin
  • 2 city corporations of San Fernando and Port-of-Spain
  • 1 ward, which is Tobago

    Trinidad and Tobago Cities

    The major cities of Trinidad and Tobago have been highlighted in the printable map of Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the important cities, which are indicated in the map by black dots, are Moriah, Roxborough, Charlotteville, Scarborough, Plymouth, Toco, Blanchisseuse, Chaguaramas, Maracas, Tunapuna, San Juan, Talparo, Arima, Rio Claro, Sangre Grande, Chaguanas, Couva, Princes Town, San Fermando, Brighton, Debe, Point Fortin, Guayaguayare, Piereville, San Francique and Moruga, Fullarton.

    Trinidad and Tobago Capital

    Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. The capital city is served by Piarco airport. The capital city is located to the western side of Trinidad. The national capital is marked in the political map of Trinidad and Tobago by a red square. The geographic coordinates of the capital city are 10° 39' North latitude and 61° 31' West longitude.

    Some of the cities located in close proximity to Port of Spain are:

  • Boissiere Village
  • Woodbrook
  • Saint Ann's
  • Saint Clair
  • Earthigg
  • Saint James
  • East Dry River
  • Cacandee Settlement
  • La Basse
  • Belmont

  • Trinidad and Tobago Boundaries

    In the political map of Trinidad and Tobago, the neighboring islands and countries have been indicated. The marked islands are Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent& The Grenadines, Grenada and Barbados.

    Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo152,483720278CouvaCaroni, Saint George, Victoria
    Diego Martin86,80512849Petit ValleySaint George
    Eastern Tobago14,88721583RoxboroughTobago
    Mayaro/Rio Claro30,298853329Rio ClaroMayaro, Nariva
    Penal/Debe77,75624795PenalSaint Patrick, Victoria
    Point Fortin17,755249Point FortinPoint Fortin
    Port of Spain37,965135Port of SpainPort of Spain
    Princes Town85,682621240Princes TownVictoria
    San Fernando48,784197San FernandoSan Fernando
    Sangre Grande58,311899347Sangre GrandeSaint Andrew, Saint David
    San Juan/Laventille136,75922085LaventilleSaint George
    Siparia77,010510197SipariaSaint Patrick
    Tunapuna/Piarco170,767527204TunapunaSaint George
    Western Tobago29,3038834ScarboroughTobago
    16 divisions1,114,7725,1551,989

    Note : -Population and area: 2000-05-15 census.


    Last Updated On : October 12, 2012
  • The flag currently representing Trinidad and Tobago was officially adopted in the year 1962.
    ContinentNorth America
    Lat Long10.5526° N, 61.3152° W
    CapitalPort of Spain
    Largest CityChaguanas
    Official LanguageEnglish (official), Caribbean Hindustani (a dialect of Hindi), French, Spanish, Chinese
    Major ReligionThe majority of Tunisia's population (around 95%) are Muslims while about 2 to 3% follow Christianity and the remaining 2% adhere to Judaism or other religions
    National dayIndependence Day, 31 August (1962)
    Form of GovernmentParliamentary Democracy
    PresidentAnthony Carmona
    Prime MinisterKamla Persad-Bissessar
    CurrencyTrinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD)
    GDP$20,400 (2012 est.)
    Calling code1
    Time Zone(UTC-4)

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