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Trinidad and Tobago Weather

Trinidad and Tobago is located in the Caribbean sea. As Trinidad and Tobago is located in the sea therefore Trinidad and Tobago weather is largely dominated by the tropical weather. The weather in Trinidad and Tobago also witness maximum temperatures and is south of the hurricane belt.

The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of Trinidad and Tobago is 11 degree north and 61 degree west. The weather in Trinidad and Tobago is influenced by the air masses from the sea. Trinidad and Tobago weather has a relative humidity coupled with a tropical weather. January and February are the winter months with temperatures shrinking to 20 degree centigrade. While the hottest months are April, May and October. The highest temperatures recorded in the hottest months shoots up to 29 degree centigrade. However there are some variations in the day and night temperatures. Coastal air generally rule the coastal areas. In the months of April and February mean temperatures blow ranging from 25 degrees to 29 degrees centigrade.

The coastline of Trinidad and Tobago stretches to 362 kilometers. The months September and October witness less dry season compared to the winter months January and February, the main dry season in Trinidad and Tobago. The islands Trinidad and Tobago also bear the fierce hurricanes as the islands are closer to the hurricane belt.

Trinidad and Tobago weather is a good place for holidaying for its tropical rainy season.

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