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Where is Tonga ?
Tonga Locator
Tonga is an archipelago located in Oceania, in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies directly south of Western Samoa and about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand.
Tonga Map

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Officially known as Kingdom of Tonga the country accommodates 171 islands. The map of Tonga shows that the country lies on the Oceania archipelago in South Pacific Ocean. Occupying a total area of 748 sq km Tonga has a total population of 116,921 (July 2007). The Tonga map also highlights the various administrative provinces of the country.

Tongan and English are the widely spoken languages of Tonga. Fishing and tourism are the prime industrial sectors of Tonga. Coconuts, black pepper, bananas, squash, ginger, vanilla beans and copra are some agricultural products that are grown in the crop lands of Tonga. Tongatapu is one of the most populated islands of Tonga. Almost 98% of the population of the country belongs to Tongan community.

Last Updated On : August 13, 2013

The flag representing the Kingdom of Tonga was officially adopted on 4th November, 1875.
Facts about Tonga
Official Name Tonga
ContinentAustralia and Oceania
Lat Long20.5878° S, 174.8103° W
Largest CityNuku'alofa
Official LanguageTongan, English
Major ReligionRoman Catholic, Protestant
National day4 June (1970)
Form of GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
PresidentKing Tupou VI ( Monarch)
Prime MinisterSiale?ataongo Tu?ivakan?
GDP$763 million 2011 estimate
Calling code676
Time Zone(UTC+13)

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