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World Map / Tonga Map / Where is Tonga Located?

Where is Tonga Located?

Tonga Location Map
Description : Map showing the location of Tonga on the World map. Disclaimer

The country of Tonga is in the Oceania continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 43.3503° N and 79.0804° E.

Maritime Boundaries
  1. Fiji
  2. New Zealand
  3. Samoa
  4. American Samoa
  5. Niue
  6. Wallis and Futuna

  Facts About Tonga  
Country Name Tonga
Capital and largest cityNukuʻalofa
Area748 km2 (289 sq mi)
Population103,036 (2011 census)
Lat Long21.1333° S, 175.2000° W
Official LanguageTongan, English
Calling Code+676
Time Zone(UTC+13) DST not observed
Neighbour CountriesFiji and Wallis and Futuna (France), Samoa to the northeast, Niue
CurrencyPaʻanga (TOP)

  Location Maps of Cities in Tonga  
Last Updated Date: September 07,2020