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Top Ten Most Densely Populated Countries

The map of top ten most densely populated countries in the World is based on population per sq km in 2012. Top ten countries include Monaco (Most Densely Populated Country), Singapore, Bahrain, Malta and Bangladesh.

Top Ten Most Densely Populated Countries Map
Description : Map shows world top ten most densely populated countries. Disclaimer

Though we get to hear about India and China as the most populated countries in the world, when it comes to population density per sq. km., there are other countries that leave them far behind. The colourful thematic map above shows the location of top 10 countries with highest population density in the world.

Macau, a small peninsula in mainland China, has surprisingly bagged the first spot with a population density of 19,073 people per sq. km. It is closely followed by a small European entity, Monaco. This independent microstate on France's Mediterranean coastline has a population density of 18,812 people.

Vatican City, considered the smallest country in the world, has a population density of 1877 people per sq. km. However, Singapore and Hong Kong seem to be much more densely populated as they rank third and fourth.

Bahrain, despite having a small total population, ranks eighth with a population density of 1,769. Maldives and Malta are at the ninth and tenth positions with population density of 1,337 and 1,336 respectively.

  Top Ten Most Densely Populated Countries (2014)  
Rank CountryPopulation 2014Population density
1MacauNA18,568/km2 (48,092/sq mi)
3Singapore5.470 million 7,736
4Hong Kong7.242 million 6,897
5Gaza Strip1.9 million (est.)5046/km2 (13,069.1/sq mi)
6GibraltarNA4,328/km2 (11,320/sq mi)
7Holy See (Vatican City)842 (est.)1877/km2 (4,859/sq mi)
8Bahrain1.362 million1,769
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