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Gibraltar Land and People

Gibraltar is an United Kingdom controlled territory in southern Europe. Gibraltar land and people is an amalgamation of different European cultures. The territory has its own currency-the Gibraltar Pound.

The Gibraltar land and people exhibits a splendid diversity. The British overseas territory is situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The European country of Spain is its neighbor. The land of Gibraltar occupies an area of 6.543 square kilometers. The climate of the overseas territory is Mediterranean. Summers are pleasantly warm and winters tolerably cold. The natural tourist attractions include the Rock of Gibraltar. The Rock is made of limestone.

The economy of Gibraltar is dependent on tourism. The mild Mediterranean climate attracts tourists from colder European climes. The British military and its associated administrative offices are a major source of employment in the region. The gambling industry is a major source of revenue for the Gibraltar government. The resident Gibraltar population is a racial mix of different European immigrants, that came and settled in the island through the preceding centuries. The majority of the Gibraltar populace are of Spanish ancestry. Most of them are economic migrants from Spain. The principal religion of Gibraltar is Christianity. A minority Jewish community is present.

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Last Updated : September 09, 2014

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