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Anguilla Facts

Where is Anguilla?
Anguilla is located in the Caribbean. It is neighbored by Puerto Rico, Saint Martin and the Virgin Islands. It is among the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.
What is the capital of Anguilla?
The Valley is the capital of Anguilla. Its geographic coordinates are 18 13N, 63 03W. It is the main town on the island. The estimated population of The Valley is 1,200.

How big is Anguilla?
Anguilla covers an area of 35 square miles. Its geographic coordinates are 18 15N, 63 10W. As of 2006, the estimated population of Anguilla was 13,600. It has a 38 miles long coastline.

What is the currency of Anguilla?
The official currency of Anguilla is East Caribbean dollar. Its ISO 4217 code is XCD, and has been in existence since 1965. It is issued by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Which is the largest city of Anguilla?
North Side is the largest city of Anguilla. It is among the fourteen districts of Anguilla. Its estimated population in 2001 was 1,195. Its geographic coordinates are 18 13N, 63 3W.

What is the official language of Anguilla?
English is the official language of Anguilla. Other languages spoken on the island include Spanish, Chinese and immigrant languages. There are a number of Creole languages spoken in the country.

What is the religion of Anguilla?
Christianity is the predominant religion of Anguilla. Other religious minorities include Muslims, Hindus, and Jews.

What is the literacy rate of Anguilla?
The literacy rate of Anguilla is 95%.

Who is the political leader of Anguilla?
Anguilla is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, although it has an internal self-governing body. Politics of the country is in the form of parliamentary representative democratic dependency. The Chief Minister, who is appointed by the governor, is the head of the government and the multi-party system. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the country. William Alistair Harrison is the Governor of the country, while Hubert Hughes is the current Chief Minister of the country. Hughes assumed office on February 16, 2010.

When is the National Day of Anguilla celebrated?
May 30 is the National Day of Anguilla. It is celebrated as Anguilla day and marks the beginning of the Anguillian Revolution in 1967.

What is the economy of Anguilla like?
In 2004, the GDP of Anguilla was $108.9 million, while its GDP per capita was $8,800. Services sector accounts for 78% of the GDP, followed by industry: 18%, and agriculture: 4%. Unemployment rate stands at 8%, and 23% of the population live below poverty line. Since the terrain of the country is rugged and unsuitable for agriculture, tourism is an important industry. Other major industries are boat building and offshore financial services. It exports lobster, fish, livestock, salt, concrete blocks, and rum. The country imports fuels, foodstuffs, manufactures, chemicals, trucks, and textiles. Major trade flows are with UK, USA, Puerto Rico, and Saint Martin.

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