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Masters Series Tennis

Masters Series Tennis Stadiums Map
Description : Map showing the location Masters Series Tennis Tournament Stadiums in the world. Disclaimer

Tennis Masters is the name of the tennis tournaments included in the Tennis Masters Series. Tennis Masters is also known as the ATP Masters Series. Nine most prestigious tennis tournaments,
apart from the Grand Slams, are categorized by this name. Tennis Masters are a part of the Association of Tennis Professionals or the ATP Tour. These tournaments are held at different venues in North America and Europe.

Tennis Masters are considered to be among the top tournaments in a calendar year. The top ranking players participate in the Tennis Masters. The series was initially known as the Mercedes-Benz Super 9 series. Later the tournaments were named as the Tennis Masters Series. At present, the tournaments are reckoned as the ATP Masters Series. The tournaments included in the schedule of the Tennis Masters are:
  • Pacific Life Open or Indian Wells Masters
  • Sony Ericsson Open or Miami Masters
  • Masters Series Monte Carlo or Monte Carlo Masters
  • Internazionali BNL d'Italia or Rome Masters
  • Masters Series Hamburg or Hamburg Masters
  • Rogers Cup or Canada Masters
  • Western and Southern Financial Group Masters or Cincinnati Masters
  • Mutua Madrilena Masters Madrid or Madrid Masters
  • BNP Paribas Masters or Paris Masters.
Players are awarded points on the basis of their performance in these tournaments. At the end of year, Tennis Masters Cup is held among the top players on the world rankings.

  ATP Masters Tennis Tournament Stadium Venue  
Master TournamentCurrent VenueLocationCountryBegan yearCourt surfaceCapacity
Indian Wells MastersIndian Wells Tennis GardenIndian Wells, California United States1987Hard16100
Miami MastersTennis Center at Crandon ParkKey Biscayne, Florida United States1985Hard13300
Monte-Carlo MastersMonte Carlo Country ClubRoquebrune-Cap-Martin France1897Clay10000
Madrid MastersPark ManzanaresMadrid Spain2002Clay12500
Rome MastersForo ItalicoRome Italy1930Clay10400
Canada MastersStade Uniprix/Rexall CentreMontreal / Toronto Canada1881Hard12500
Cincinnati MastersLindner Family Tennis CenterMason, Ohio United States1899Hard11600
Shanghai MastersQi Zhong StadiumShanghai China2009Hard15000
Paris MastersPalais Omnisports de Paris-BercyParis France1968Hard14000

  Previous ATP Masters Tennis Tournament Results  
YearIndian Wells Miami Mt. Carlo Rome Hamburg Canada(Toronto) Cincinnati Madrid Paris
2012Federer (19/21)Djokovic (11/13)Nadal (20/21)Federer (20/21)Nadal (21/21)Djokovic (12/13)Federer (21/21)Djokovic (13/13)Ferrer (1/1)
2011Djokovic (6/13)Djokovic (7/13)Nadal (19/21)Djokovic (8/13)Djokovic (9/13)Djokovic (10/13)Murray (7/8)Murray (8/8)Federer (18/21)
2010Ljubičić (1/1)Roddick (5/5)Nadal (16/21)Nadal (17/21)Nadal (18/21)Murray (5/8)Federer (17/21)Murray (6/8)Söderling (1/1)
2009Nadal (13/21)Murray (3/8)Nadal (14/21)Nadal (15/21)Federer (15/21)Murray (4/8)Federer (16/21)Davydenko (3/3)Djokovic (5/13)
2008Djokovic (3/13)Davydenko (2/3)Nadal (10/21)Djokovic (4/13)Nadal (11/21)Nadal (12/21)Murray (1/8)Murray (2/8)Tsonga (1/1)
2007Nadal (7/21)Djokovic (1/13)Nadal (8/21)Nadal (9/21)Federer (13/21)Djokovic (2/13)Federer (14/21)Nalbandian (1/2)Nalbandian (2/2)
2006Federer (9/21)Federer (10/21)Nadal (5/21)Nadal (6/21)Robredo (1/1)Federer (11/21)Roddick (4/5)Federer (12/21)Davydenko (1/3)
2005Federer (5/21)Federer (6/21)Nadal (1/21)Nadal (2/21)Federer (7/21)Nadal (3/21)Federer (8/21)Nadal (4/21)Berdych (1/1)
2004Federer (2/21)Roddick (3/5)Coria (2/2)Moyà (3/3)Federer (3/21)Federer (4/21)Agassi (17/17)Safin (4/5)Safin (5/5)
2003Hewitt (2/2)Agassi (16/17)Ferrero (3/4)Mantilla (1/1)Coria (1/2)Roddick (1/5)Roddick (2/5)Ferrero (4/4)Henman (1/1)
2002Hewitt (1/2)Agassi (13/17)Ferrero (2/4)Agassi (14/17)Federer (1/21)Cañas (1/1)Moyà (2/3)Agassi (15/17)Safin (3/5)
2001Agassi (11/17)Agassi (12/17)Kuerten (4/5)Ferrero (1/4)Portas (1/1)Pavel (1/1)Kuerten (5/5)Haas (1/1)Grosjean (1/1)
2000Corretja (2/2)Sampras (11/11)Pioline (1/1)Norman (1/1)Kuerten (3/5)Safin (1/5)Enqvist (3/3)Ferreira (2/2)Safin (2/5)