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Davis Cup Tennis

Davis Cup Tennis, one of the major international team events in men's tennis, is also the largest annual team tournament of tennis which involves some tremendous display of the sport.
The tournament, run by the ITF or the International Tennis Federation, involves the best tennis national teams of the world. The tournament experiences the best singles and doubles players of the world playing for their native countries. It is played in a knock-out format after several countries gain admission to the world group on completion of their regional qualifiers. The first round losers of the World Group have to play the winners from the regional zones for a next year berth in the Davis Cup. The World Group itself has four knock-out rounds.

The Davis Cup has been held since 1900 and the ties between the countries are held in five matches which are called the rubbers. The rubbers include two singles, two return singles and a doubles match. The tournament has been won the maximum number of times by the United States of America followed by Australia and Great Britain. Some of the other countries to participate in the Davis Cup are France, Russia, Sweden, Israel and India. With the wins the teams earn valuable points with which they are ranked by the ITF and these rankings are again used to seed the teams. Davis Cup is one of the major team tournaments for men. It has had a number of top ranked players playing here for their countries. The tournament has seen the rise of many unknown players to stardom while many famous players have suffered defeats in the hands of less renowned ones. Yet, with the touch of patriotism involved, the Davis Cup is one of the major team tournaments of the tennis world.

  Previous ITF Davis Cup Champions  
YearChampion ScoreRunners-upStadium VenueCity/LocationCountry
2012Czech Republic3–2SpainO2 Arena PragueCzech Republic
2011Spain3–1ArgentinaOlympic Stadium SevilleSpain
2010Serbia3–2FranceBelgrade Arena BelgradeSerbia
2009Spain5–0Czech RepublicPalau Sant Jordi BarcelonaSpain
2008Spain3–1ArgentinaEstadio Islas Malvinas Mar del PlataArgentina
2007USA4–1RussiaMemorial Coliseum Portland, OregonUSA
2006Russia3–2ArgentinaOlympic Stadium MoscowRussia
2005Croatia3–2Slovak RepublicSibamac Arena National Tennis Centre BratislavaSlovak Republic
2004Spain3–2USAOlympic Stadium SevilleSpain
2003Australia3–1SpainMelbourne Park MelbourneAustralia
2002Russia3–2FrancePalais Omnisports Paris Bercy ParisFrance
2001France3–2AustraliaMelbourne Park MelbourneAustralia
2000Spain3–1AustraliaPalau Sant Jordi Barcelona Spain

  World Group Teams  
BelgiumCzech RepublicItalySwitzerland
BrazilFranceKazakhstanUnited States

  ITF Davis Cup Country Team Ranking  
1 Spain1434125
2 Czech Republic1329952.19
3 Argentina1221031.25
4 Serbia1118146.88
5 France1114570
6 USA910612.5
7 Croatia95960
8 Kazakhstan94187.19
9 Austria83984.38
10 Israel93973.44
11 Germany83945.31
12 Canada93231.88
13 Italy93196.88
14 Switzerland82950
15 Belgium82825
16 Brazil82700
17 Russia82375
18 Sweden82306.25
19 Australia102200
20 Chile82050
21 Japan91942.5
22 Uzbekistan101935
23 South Africa91650
24 Netherlands91575
25 India91420
26 Ecuador91262.5
27 Colombia81250
28 Romania81145
29 Uruguay81092.5
30 China, P.R.91037.5
31 Slovenia101003.75
32 Chinese Taipei9890.94
33 Slovak Republic8858.75
34 Ukraine9850
35 Denmark9822.5
36 Korea, Rep.10805
37 Great Britain9760
38 Poland10712.5
39 Dominican Republic10648.75
40 Finland10646.88
41 Indonesia9621.25
42 New Zealand11559.38
43 Portugal9555
44 Philippines12530
45 Latvia10463.75
46 Mexico11447.5
47 Bosnia/Herzegovina13410.63
48 Thailand11380
49 Peru10377.5
50 Belarus10365
51 Hungary9329.69
52 Venezuela10318.75
53 Pakistan8250
54 Paraguay9243.75
55 Estonia11217.5
56 Cyprus9213.75
57 Lithuania10184.38
58 Luxembourg14164.69
59 Ireland8152.81
60 El Salvador10143.75
61 Monaco8127.5
62 Barbados15125.25
63 Sri Lanka14105
64 Bulgaria9100.31
65 Puerto Rico1485
66 Morocco1273.44
67 Moldova1371.25
68 Hong Kong, China865
69 Lebanon1765
70 Pacific Oceania1161.25
71 Guatemala1452.5
72 Malaysia1438.75
73 Benin1336.25
74 Kuwait1636.25
74 Syria1636.25
76 Vietnam1935.75
77 Egypt1135
78 Tunisia1532.5
79 Greece1732.5
80 Zimbabwe1730.25
81 Haiti1230
82 Costa Rica1830
83 Norway1427.5
84 Bahamas1627.5
85 Madagascar1626.25
86 Montenegro1422.5
87 Georgia1321.25
88 Jamaica1621.25
89 Armenia1620.5
90 United Arab Emirates1920.25
91 Algeria1420
92 Iran1620
92 Oman1620
94 Ghana1719.5
95 Bolivia1318.75
96 FYR Macedonia1117.5
97 Cote D'Ivoire1617.25
98 Turkey1216.25
99 Malta1215
100 Nigeria1315
101 Andorra1615
102 Trinidad & Tobago1514.5
103 Bangladesh1713
104 Aruba1812
105 Honduras1811.75
106 Jordan1711.5
107 Namibia911.25
108 Cambodia510
109 Saudi Arabia109.75
110 Qatar179.5
111 Singapore189
112 Iceland168.75
113 Panama158.5
114 Turkmenistan188
115 Kenya127.5
116 Myanmar196.5
117 San Marino176.25
118 Kyrgyzstan96
119 Bahrain185.5
120 Iraq175
121 Cuba53.75
122 Cameroon82.5
123 Botswana92.5
124 Bermuda81.5
125 Tajikistan51.25
126 Rwanda131.25
127 US Virgin Islands151
128 Yemen80.5
129 Congo40
130 Albania110