Euro 2008 Results

by poonam bisht

Download match schedule for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in PDF, XLS and DOC formats. Download Download xls Download doc We see your thoughts are unsettled as you weigh over…

Download match schedule for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in PDF, XLS and DOC formats.

We see your thoughts are unsettled as you weigh over and over again the chances of your favorite team in Euro Cup 2008.

We hear you scream “no lo deje” or “nao o deixe” or “non lo lasci” as the striker of the opponent’s team makes an attempt at your team’s goal post. You lose appetite and forget your date. Euro Cup 2008 is not just a tournament for you, but a battle to be won; a memory to cherish for the next four years and, above all, a gesture of friendship between different countries in the continent.

An European Championship that has witnessed the highest number of goals so far, is the Euro 2000 held in Belgium and France. A record number of 85 goals were scored in the 11th edition of European championships. An average of 2.75 goals was scored in as many as 31 matches in Euro 2000. Close to this Euro Cup record, Euro 2004, produced the second highest number of total goals scored. A total of 77 goals were netted in 31 matches of that tournament, played in Portugal, with an average of 2.48 per match.

Group Matches:

Group A

Match Date Winner Score
Switzerland – Czech Republic 7th June Czech Republic 0-1
Portugal – Turkey 7th June Portugal 2-0
Switzerland – Turkey 11th June Turkey 1-2
Czech Republic – Portugal 11th June Portugal 1-3
Switzerland – Portugal 15th June Switzerland 2-0
Turkey – Czech Republic 15th June Turkey 3-2


Group B

Match Date Winner Score
Austria – Croatia 8th June Croatia 0-1
Germany – Poland 8th June Germany 2-0
Austria – Poland 12th June 1-1
Croatia – Germany 12th June Croatia 2-1
Austria – Germany 16th June Germany 0-1
Poland – Croatia 16th June Croatia 0-1


Group C

Match Date Winner Score
Netherlands – Italy 9th June Netherlands 3-0
Romania – France 9th June 0-0
Netherlands – France 13th June Netherlands 4-1
Italy – Romania 13th June 1-1
Netherlands – Romania 17th June Netherlands 2-0
France – Italy 17th June Italy 0-2


Group D

Match Date Winner Score
Greece – Sweden 10th June Sweden 0-2
Spain – Russia 10th June Spain 4-1
Greece – Russia 14th June Russia 0-1
Sweden – Spain 14th June Spain 1-2
Greece – Spain 18th June Spain 1-2
Russia – Sweden 18th June Russia 2-0

Quarter Finals

Match Date Winner Score
Portugal – Germany 19th June Germany 2-3
Croatia – Turkey 20th June Turkey 1-1; 1-3 in penalties
Netherlands – Russia 21st June Russia 1-3
Spain – Italy 22nd June Spain 0-0; 4-2 in penalties

Semi Finals

Match Date Winner Score
Germany – Turkey 25th June Germany 3-2
Russia – Spain 26th June Spain 0-3


Match Date Winner Score
Germany – Spain 29th June Spain 0-1

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