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Samoa Attractions

by Vishal Kumar

Samoa Attractions are the chief causes of the growth and development of tourism industry in the island country. The natural beauty of Samoa are complimented by the interesting people and their…

Samoa Attractions are the chief causes of the growth and development of tourism industry in the island country.

The natural beauty of Samoa are complimented by the interesting people and their culture. The islands of Samoa blend together the rural and the urban environment together perfectly.

The main entrance to Samoa is through the Faleolo International Airport and the port of Apia. Domestic flights operate between Samoa attractions. Car rentals are also available for visiting the spots of tourist attractions in Samoa.

Samoa attractions vary from natural wonders like rain forests, waterfalls, sand dunes, beaches to museums, reserves, parks and many others. The beauty of nature is also increased by the flora and fauna of Samoa. The local markets selling handicrafts is also one of the favorite Samoa attractions among tourists.

The hotels and restaurants near Samoa attractions offer lodging and other facilities along with an excellent opportunity to taste the cuisine of Samoa. The village life and the age old culture make a part of the attractions in Samoa.

Papapapai Uta Falls

Papapapai Uta Falls is one of the major destinations of Samoa and the tourists will be amazed to watch this splendid wonder of the world. Samoa can be called as a storehouse of natural beauties and this country has diverse form of nature residing so well together. Samoa is also known as the “cradle of Polynesia” and it is due to the historical and cultural views and attractions of this place. From the gorgeous mountains to the stunning waterfalls, each and every Samoa attractions are just awesome.

Papapapai Uta Falls is a well known waterfall of Samoa and this is also known as “Tiavi Falls”. The Papapapai Uta Falls in Samoa lies in the south of Lanotoo Road within a distance of 2.3 kilometers. The Papapapai Uta Falls is approximately 100 meters high and the cliff edge of this fall is an unstable one. So the visitors are advised to be careful while visiting this waterfall else they can land themselves in danger.

Le Pupu Pue National Park

Le Pupu Pue National Park is the single park of Upolu island and draws numerous tourists throughout the year. Samoa is a beautiful country and the natural resources and sightseeing make it more beautiful and is quite a crowd catcher. Samoa mainly consists of two large islands namely Upolu and Savaii and these islands are the store house of Samoa attractions.

Le Pupu Pue National Park in Samoa was created in 1978 and this park is spread within 29- sq km of land. The main purpose of creating the Le Pupu Pue National Park is for the protection of the Mount Fito and Lepu-e summit up to the southern coast. Le Pupu Pue National Park of Samoa gives the spectacular view of the Samoan wildlife.

Le Pupu Pue National Park is the only attraction in Samoa which offers entry of the tourists free of costs. The Le Pupu Pue National Park houses various species of wildlife and thus favors eco-tourism in Samoa.

Le Pupu Pue National Park is located just adjacent to the Togitogiga Scenic Reserve and thus the visitors can have a view of the two Samoa attractions in a single trip.

Other attractions of Samoa include:

  • Fuipisia Waterfall
  • Palolo Deep marine Reserve
  • Saanapu and Sataoa mangroves
  • Togitogiga Falls
  • Lake Lanotoo
  • Faleaulupo Rainforest Preserve
  • Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve

Being the single National Park, Le Pupu Pue National Park is considered as one of the important tourist attraction and one will be thrilled to view the distinct flora and fauna nestled so well in this Samoan National Park.

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in Samoa is located in the last residence of the Scottish author. Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last four years of his life in the large estate with his wife Fanny Osborne. The Samoan people lovingly called him ‘tusitala’, the storyteller.

The location of Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is in the large mansion constructed in 1890. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum was built almost a century after the death of the author. The place is off the Cross Island Road. TheRobert Louis Stevenson Museum is open on all days of the week except Sundays and holidays.

The Villa Vailima is the name of the beautiful mansion that served as the home of the author. The beautiful construction reflects the elegant taste of Robert Louis Stevenson. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum exhibits an impressive collection of memorabilia and objects belonging to the author. The authorities ofRobert Louis Stevenson Museum are trying to expand the collection.

The burial sites of Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife are behind the museum up on a steep hill. They were buried by the local people with their rituals and customs. The place is accessible through a narrow path carved out by the people.

Fuipisia Waterfall

Fuipisia Waterfall is one of the wonderful waterfalls in the world you have seen. While visiting Samoa you should not miss the spectacular view of marvelousFuipisia Waterfall. Due to Fuipisia Waterfall the scenic beauty of Fuipisia becomes extremely aesthetic.

The length of Fuipisia Waterfall of Samoa is 55 meter. To see the magnificentFuipisia Waterfall you have to give a fee. By parking the car you have to walk 300m for watching Fuipisia Waterfall in Samoa. This cascading waterfall has crystal clear water.

Apart from Fuipisia Waterfall at Samoa the other beautiful waterfalls of Apia in Samoa are Papapapaitai Falls Tagitogia Fallsa Falls, etc.

Papapapaitai Falls is located 2.3 km southern side of Lanotoo Road. The length of this waterfall is 100 meter. While seeing this beautiful waterfall you should not go near the cliff butt. You should be very careful near the cliff edge of this waterfall.

Within the Tagitogia Scenic Reserve you get to see the beautiful Tagitogia Fallsa Falls. You can enjoy swimming in the water of Tagitogia Fallsa Falls. There are also facilities of toilet and changing rooms near this waterfall so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Togitogiga Falls

Samoa is a popular tourist destination and there are many great places in Samoawhich are of tourist interest. The Togitogiga Falls is one of many such places. It is a great destination in Samoa, and receives a considerable amount of tourists every year.

The Togitogiga Falls are a located in the Togitogiga Scenic Reserve atTogitogiga, a part of the Pupu-Pue National Park. It is situated around 28 kilometers to the south of the capital city Apia. The national park itself is a great tourist attraction, featuring several scenic locations and natural spectacles that are popular with tourists. There are also many rare species of plants and animals in the park, and varying terrain.

The Togitogiga Falls are beautiful and serene. They are a number of falls in a backdrop of great natural scenery. The short falls culminate in a large pool, which is ideal for swimming and relaxation. The outer portions of the pool are good for casual, relaxed wading while the deeper middle portions are ideal for diving.

The Togitogiga Falls are a great destination for these activities, and are visited by a large number of tourists. There are facilities like toilets, changing rooms and shelters for these travelers who come to the Togitogiga Falls for some fun activities. The Togitogiga Falls are usually safe for tourists, but it should be avoided after severe bouts of rain, after which the waters of the Togitogiga Fallsusually become violent and dangerous.

Mu Pagoa Waterfall

Mu Pagoa Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls of Samoa and is the most sought out among all Samoa attractions. While visiting Samoa, the tourists will be mesmerized as Samoa has a vivid display of everything along with being a hub of every activity. Mu Pagoa Waterfall is easily found in Savaii Island and it tumbles in the sea by crossing a 100 meter bridge. The bridge lies between the villages of Puleia and Gautavai. Samoa is a tropical paradise and is filled with various breathtaking waterfalls and their charismatic view will just leave the visitors speechless.

Mu Pagoa Waterfall of Samoa is the main attraction of Savaii highland and it’s a natural beauty with stunning fall along the deep mountains. The waterfalls looks snowy white at a glance as they tumble down with speed through the mountains and then they form stream lets and later on merges with the sea. The splendid view of the Mu Pagoa Waterfall falling amidst the lush greenery is a mesmerizing scene to watch.

Other attraction of Savaii Island is given below:

  • Auala Green Turtle Conservation
  • Falealupo Rainforest Preserve
  • Falealupo Lava Tube Trail
  • Alofaaga Blowholes

Lake Lanotoo

Lake Lanotoo is one of the important parts of the Samoa Attractions and it really calls for a visit. Situated in the Upolu Island of Samoa, the Lake Lanotoomarks its presence very well. Lake Lanotoo of Samoa can be reached by crossing the Island road and walking about 2.3 kilometer of the Bahia Temple and from here one will get the entrance to the Lanotoo Road. The track of the Lake Lanotoo is pretty lengthy and it is approximately stretches to three to five kilometers.

Lake Lanotoo in Samoa is a cool and calm place and is usually preferred for long morning or evening walks. Gold fish is the main attraction of Lake Lanotooand they make the lake prettier and uncommon. Lanotoo National Park is another added attraction of this place and it houses unique flora and fauna and is really remarkable. The company guide is usually advised while visiting the Lake Lanotoo and the preferable dress should be walking shoes along with long pants. The visitor’s should carry water along with them if needed in the case of emergency.

Other than Lake Lanotoo Upolu Island other attractions are given below:

  • Piula Cave Pool
  • Lalomanu Crater Walk
  • Le Pupu-pue National Park
  • Laomanu to Latofago
  • South Coast Swimming Beaches
  • Togitogia Fallsa Falls
  • Papapapaitai Falls
  • Peapea Cave
  • Fuipisia Waterfall

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