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Samoa Clothing

Samoa clothing bears the essence of traditionalism. In Samoa clothing, which is a part of the whole cultural pattern of Samoa, distinctive dressing patterns can be noticed. Traditionally, Samoa clothing for the women are a kind of wrapping up dress and men also can use them. Like clothing, tattooing is also another part of Samoa ornamentation. This tattooing can be done by both men and women.

Samoan clothing for men and women are known by several names. Some of the popular Samoan clothing are Puletasi, lava lava and some others. While puletasi is exclusively a female dress in Samoa, lava lava can be worn by both men and women. Lava lava is a kind of sarong that the Samoan people wore by wrapping up the body. Puletasi is also a wrap up type of clothing in Samoa. This dress covers the full body and usually wore by the Samoan young girls. Puletasi is also a very traditional dress that is worn generally in the traditional Samoa occasions. Moreover, for going to church also, Samoan girls wear this special dress.

Lava lava is another traditional Samoan dress. This dress is worn by both the Samoan men and women. Usually this is used in the lower body part and is accompanied by jacket in the upper body part. Lava lava can be used in both school and business purposes. There are several names of this dress. In Malay this types of dress is known as Sarong while in Tahiti it is known as Pareu. Tourist should not use short pattern of dresses in Samoaas that is not part of the culture of this country.