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Palau Flag

by Aakash Singha

The flag of Palau is an exquisite looking one with a light blue background and a golden moon located slightly on the left.

Palau Flag


Blank Palau Flag

Download Picture of Blank Palau Flag For Kids to Color

The national flag of Palau was officially effective from the first day of 1981 when it gained its sovereign status.The light blue color on the flag signifies the sovereignty and freedom it had achieved.

According to another notion the blue base of the national flag of Palau represents the Pacific Ocean.The golden full moon in the flag symbolizes peace and the time for activities as the people of Palau consider the full moon to be sacred and ideal for plantation and harvesting.

Official Name: Republic of Palau
Capital: Ngerulmud
Location: Lies in the Western Pacific comprising 26 Islands and 300 islets.
Area: 458 Sq. km.
Official Languages: Palauan English.
National Flag:
Flag Ratio: 5:8
National Anthem: Untitled (1980)
National symbol(s): bai (native meeting house)
National colors: blue, yellow
National anthem:
Name: “Belau rekid” (Our Palau)
Lyrics/Music: multiple/Ymesei O. EZEKIEL

Fact about Palau flag

Country Palau
Designed by Blau J. Skebong
Adopted 1. January 1981
Revision NA
Design and Colors A yellow disc on a light blue field
Size Ratio 5:8

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