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Norfolk Island Geography

Norfolk Island geography features a rolling plain land with volcanic formation. It is located on the geographical coordinates of 29° 02 South and 167° 57 East. Norfolk Island is situated in the eastern side of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. The total area covered by the island is 34.6 square kilometers. According to the geography of Norfolk Island, it has a coastline of about 32 kilometers. The coastline has got inaccessible cliffs. The fishing zone covers an area of 200 nautical miles. The territorial sea has an area of 12 nautical miles. The highest point of Norfolk Island is Mount Bates that is located at an elevation of 319 meters. The lowest point is the Pacific Ocean.

The climate of Norfolk Island is sub-tropical and mild. The average maximum temperature in summer ranges from 23°C and 25°C and average minimum temperature ranges from 18°C and 20°C. During winter, average maximum temperature ranges from 18°C to 19°C and average minimum temperature ranges from 13°C to 15°C.

May to August months, witness a lot of shower in the island.

Fish is the natural resource of Norfolk Island. Some of the agricultural products of the island are vegetables, pine seed, fruits, cereals and Kentia palm seed.