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Norfolk Island

Full name: Territory of Norfolk Island
Capital City: Kingston
Language: English, Norfolk
Currency: Australian dollar
Religion: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Uniting Church in Australia, Seventh-Day Adventist, Australian Christian, Jehovah's Witness
National Anthem: "Pitcairn Anthem"
Newspaper: EIN News, One World, Topix etc are the online newspapers of the country.
Places to Visit: Mount Pitt Lookout, Norfolk Island Botanic Gardens, Hollow Pine, Bird Rock, Cooks Monument, Phillip Island, Nature World. And many more attractions are waiting for you in Norfolk Island.
Transport: Airways: frequent flights of Air New Zealand are available. Waterways: frequent boats of Charter Marine are avialable here.
Shopping: Knitwear is very famous in Norfolk Island. Besides that jewellery, cameras, cosmetics, toys, dinnerware etc are also found here.
Physical Map of Norfolk Island Several cliffs, highlands, lowlands and tablelands cover the face of Norfolk Island. A considerable portion of the country in south lies on the coast of Sydney Bay. Some volcanic regions can also be seen in this country. The highest elevation of the country is the Mount Bates peak that rises almost 319 meters above the sea level.

Norfolk Island Map
Climate of Norfolk Island The climate of Norfolk Island varies between tropical and subtropical. The temperature does not change very much with the change of seasons. Usually it remains above 12ºC. The summer months are warm. The months between October and March are summer. In summer, the temperature remains 24ºC. On the other hand, the months between April and September are winter. Winter months are relatively cooler. In winter, the temperature remains 17ºC.

Flora and Fauna of Norfolk Island
Flora: In Norfolk Island, the vegetation is diverse. In the mountainous regions, shrubs grow in large areas. However, the Norfolk Island Palm (Rhopalostylis baueri) is the most common there and the smooth Tree-fern are the tallest tree-fern in the world. You must visit the Island Botanical Garden to see a lot of varieties of flora of the country.

Fauna: Since, Norfolk is a small island; hence, very limited fauna is found here. Some of the important bird species are pigeon, starling, triller, thrush, owl, green parrot etc. besides, seabirds also found here. In addition, some of the animals including rats, cats, pigs, and goats also introduced here.

Introduction to Norfolk Island Probably, first settlers of Norfolk Island were East Polynesian seafarers from the North Island of New Zealand or Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand. However, the island first sighted by Captain James Cook in 1774, on his second voyage to the South Pacific on HMS Resolution.

Location of Norfolk Island The Territory of Norfolk Island is located in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean and in the eastern region of the Australian continent. The neighboring countries are New Zealand and New Caledonia.

People of Norfolk Island Norfolk Island is home to various races and tribes. Almost 1,828 people reside in this country. The major part of this huge population is ruled by the people who originally belong to the Bounty mutineers. These people were originated from the Caucasian ancestry in the prehistoric era. The minorities of the country are Australian, Polynesian and the New Zealanders. English and Norfolk are the widely spoken languages of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Norfolk Island
  • Art: Knitting is an art in Norfolk Island. Besides that paintings, woodwork, pottery, weaving works are also practiced in various regions of the country. Literature, poetry etc are also given very important in Norfolk Island.
  • Culture: In the culture of Norfolk Island, the Tahitian influence is evident. You will also find some Polynesian influence in it. The hula dance is also an adaptation of the Polynesian tradition. Various other rituals and customs of different races have also been accepted in the tradition of this country.
  • Music: Music of Norfolk Island is also very rich. Folk music and country music are very popular in this country. Rock music is popular among the new generation. The musical instruments include guitar etc.

    Norfolk Island Flag
    Flag of Norfolk Island The flag of Norfolk Island is really beautiful. There are three vertical bands. The hoist side band and the fly side band are colored in green. The middle one is white. The green bands are same in size. However, the white band is a little larger. The white band bears a green colored pine tree in the center. This Norfolk Island pine is an evergreen tree and it signifies the island.

    Economy of Norfolk Island The economy of the Territory of Norfolk Island highly depends on the tourist industry. The agriculture of the country is also very rich. The primary agricultural products are Kentia palm seed, native pine seed, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Except tourism, the other industries are light industry and so on. The materials that are exported to the foreign countries are Norfolk Island pine seeds and Kentia palm seeds, postage stamps, avocados etc. The countries that are involved in this export trade with Norfolk Islands are Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and some other countries of the Pacific island.