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Niue Map

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Niue Map
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Niue is situated on the east of Tonga. Located in Oceania Islands in South Pacific Ocean Niue has a total population of 1492 as per July 2007 estimate. The map of Niue indicates physiography of the country. Also, the Niue map is a useful indicator of the various tourist places of the country.

Parliamentary democratic form of government is present in Niue. Alofi is the capital city of Niue. Food processing, handicrafts and tourism are the three prime industrial sectors of Niue. Lemons, coconuts, taro, passion fruit and yam are the main agricultural produce of Niue. Niuean is the widely spoken language of Niue.

Last Updated : May 12, 2015

The Niue Flag represents the country of Niue which is a self-governing territory of New Zealand.
Official Name Niue
Lat Long19.0500° S, 169.9167° W
Area260 sq km
Largest CityHakupu
Official LanguagesNiuean
National Day19 October (1974)
Form of GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
PresidentElizabeth II ( Monarch)
Vice PresidentPatsy Reddy ( Governor-General)
Prime MinisterToke Talagi ( Premier)
CurrencyNiue dollar, New Zealand dollar(NZD)
GDP$10 million estimate
Calling Code683
Time Zone(UTC-11)
GovernorDame Patsy Reddy