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Niue Facts

Where is Niue?
Niue is an island country situated in the South Pacific Ocean. Known as the "Rock of Polynesia", the island lies to the northeast of New Zealand in a triangle between Tonga to the south-west, the Samoas to the north-west, and the Cook Islands to the south-east. It is one of the largest coral islands in the world.

What is the capital of Niue?
Alofi is the capital city of Niue. It is the smallest national capital city in the world by population; as estimated in 2006, it had only 581 inhabitants.

What is the largest village in Niue?
Hakupu is the largest on the island of Niue. It is located in the southeast region of the island.

How big is Niue?
The island of Niue covers a total area of 100 square miles. The population as estimated in 2009 is 1,398.

Who are the political leaders of Niue?
The island nation Niue is a constitutional monarchy.

Head of State - Queen Elizabeth II
Queen's Representative - Sir Jerry Mateparae
Premier - Toke Talagi

What is the official currency used in Niue?
The New Zealand dollar denoted by the ISO 4217 code NZD is the official currency of New Zealand. It is divided into 100 cents and is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or NZ$.

What is the official language of Niue?
English and Niuean are the official and most commonly spoken languages in Niue.

What is the official religion of Niue?
Christianity is the official religion of the island nation Niue. The largest denomination is the Ekalesia Niue; it is a Niuean Church, more specifically, a Protestant church closely related to the London Missionary Society. There are also adherents of the Latter-Day Saints, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Seventh-Day Adventists.

What is the economy of Niue like?
The economy of Niue is a developing one and is heavily dependent on foreign aid by New Zealand. Subsistence farming is generally practiced in the island. However, a few cash crops are grown for export purposes. The island has industries of passion-fruit processing, lime oil, honey, and coconut cream. The sale of postage stamps to foreign collectors generates a lot of revenue. The major export items of Niue include honey, passion fruit products, canned coconut cream, copra, pawpaws, root crops, limes, and handicrafts; while the principal import items are animals, machinery, lubricants, chemicals, drugs, and manufactured goods. Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Cook Islands, Australia, and the United States are the major trading partners.

When is the national day of Niue celebrated?
The national day of Niue is celebrated on October 19 each year. On this day in 1974, the island was granted independence in the form of self-government by New Zealand.

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