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Keware is placed at an altitude of four thousand and seventy one feet which is equivalent to one thousand two hundred and forty meters above the sea level. Keware has a latitude measuring 27° 56' 60"N and a longitude of 83° 46' 60"E.
Keware is a village in Nepal. Keware in Nepal is located at a distance of one hundred and twenty kilometers from the capital city of Kathmandu. The population of the region of Keware is around 33,028.

Tours can be arranged from Keware to the nearby lake known as Phewa Tal and the Pokhara valley. Keware acts as a base camp for Excursion trips to the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Keware at Nepal is easily accessible from the major cities of Nepal. These include the cities of Ramdighat, Dabhung, Birkot, Waling and Mariphant. Keware of Nepal can be reached via airways as regular flights operate to and from the nearby airport of Pokhara, Kathmandu and Bhairanawa airports. The closest Indian airports include Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Simara, Patina, Lukhnow and Allahabad.

Keware can also be reached from the surrounding cities like Walling, Jharkham, Syangja, Taklak, Mohami, Setibeni, Putalikhet, Pultikhet, dumrichaur, Nuwaket, Ralnabas, Tansen, Tansing, Jemir Ghat, Bandichhap, Kusma, Purti Ghat, Bathala, Ranipauwa, Banskot, Pokhara, Pakhra, Pokhar, Pokhra and Belani.

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