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Where is Yugoslavia

Where is Yugoslavia
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Yugoslavia map illustrates location of Yugoslavia on the world map in satellite view. It is located in the south-eastern Europe.
As such, there is no geographical existence of Yugoslavia Name like other independent countries have on the world map. As you can see on the given map of Yugoslavia right from the inception, there are some regions in the south-eastern Europe collectively named as Yugoslavia.

Since, the region had been consistently facing war and repression by the Roman Empire and Ottoman; eventually, sensitivity of nationalism arose and the people of different communities get together in the regions. Resultantly, Serbia got its independence. Likewise, with the passage of time, the dominating neighboring regions weaken and subsequent World War I disintegrated the old European order.

Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes were united in the year 1918, possibly to protect themselves from the Italian domination and it was named Yugoslavia in 1929. However, political instability and nationalist strife again engendered World War II; consequently, the newly formed kingdom collapsed in the year 1941.

After the World War II, Yugoslavia again revived under the command of communist Josip Broz Tito as socialist federation. Under the rule of Tito, the region remained stable almost four decades, but after his death in the year 1980, the economic crisis and ethnic dissension again revived the political instability. The Albanian community in Kosovo commenced nationalism and handicapped the county's political system.

Moreover, in the year 1991 Slovenia, Croatia, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia all declared their independence. The remaining part Serbia and Montenegro declared a new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. However, this division could not facilitate peace for a long time; internal problems and international politics gave birth another separate independent region Kosovo in the southern Yugoslavia.

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