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Full name: Niue
Capital City: Alofi
Language: Niuean, English
Currency: NZ Dollar
Religion: Ekalesia Niue, Latter-day Saint, Roman Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Seventh-Day Adventist, Baha'i
National Anthem: the first line of the anthem as "Ko e Iki he lagi" that means "Lord in heaven".
Newspaper: Niue Star is a newspaper in Niue and Niue Business News is an online newspaper.
Places to Visit: Alofi, Hakupu, Avaiki Cave, Hio Beach, Vaikona Chasm and many more places are the in the country.
Transport: Airways: Air New Zealand and Polynesian Airlines offers frequent flights.
Shopping: Handmade pandanus- hats, bags, mats and baskets and some local habdicrafts are found in cheap price in this country.
The pronunciation of the word "Niue" is like "new-way". The other name of the country is Rock of Polynesia, which is also very popular. It is also known as Rock to the native people of the country.

Niue Map
Location of Niue:
Niue is situated in the norteastern zone of New Zealand. Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands surround the country from three corners. This island nation id located in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean.

Physical Map of Niue
The land of Niue is covered with various highlands and tablelands. The coastal regions also cover a considerable portion of the country. Niue has been claimed as the biggest coral island of the world. An unrecognized region near the Mutalau colony is the highest altitude of the country. It rises almost 68 meters above the sea level.

Climate of Niue
The normal temperature throughout the year varies between 27ºC and 30ºC. The weather usually remains humid. During the months between October and April, you may face heavy downpour. Cyclones also occur occasionally in this country. The southeastern winds flow over the country and make the weather pleasant. However the climate of Niue can be termed as more or less tropical.

Flora and Fauna of Niue
  • Flora
    : The tropical acclimate of the country is supportive of rich vegetation in the country. Various species of coconuts, yams, cassava, limes etc grow in the tropical forests of Niue. You will also find a great variety of honey, taro, passion fruit, sweet potatoes etc in the forests.
  • Fauna
    : On the other hand the animal life is not very rich in this country. However you will find wild ships, pigs, varieties of dogs, rats etc in various regions of the country. The water bodies of the country also possess several species of fishes.

    People of Niue
    The total population of the country Niue is almost 1,736. The ethnic groups that reside in the land of Niue are Niuen, Pacific Islander, European, mixed, Asian, unspecified etc. However the Niuen people are the majority of the country and the others form the minority. Though Niuean is the official language of the country, English is also spoken in many places.
  • Art
    : In Niue arts and crafts are not much developed. However some local handicrafts like canoe building, hiapo making, clothes made of mulberry bark are practiced in this country. Besides that writing, composing music, painting and poetry are also practiced in some regions of the country. The weaving art is also very popular here.
  • Culture
    : Niue has a rich cultural atmosphere. Rituals and customs of various races and tribes have been adopted in the tradition of Niue. New Zealand has also left some influence on the country's tradition.
  • Music
    : In the music of the country, great influence of New Zealand can be seen. Many singers of the country have earned recognition. Church choirs are also very famous and these are especially performed on religious occasions.

    Niue Flag
    Flag of Niue
    Flag of Niue
    The flag of Niue is very colorful and it bears great significance. The major part of the flag is yellow. The flag of United Kingdom is featured in the upper corner of the hoist side of the flag. This contains five yellow colored stars. One star of all these is shown in a blue circle and its size is also bigger than the others. A red cross is featured in this small flag.

    Economy of Niue
    The economy of Niue highly depends on its agriculture and export trade. A major portion of the country's revenue also depends on foreign investments. Passion fruit, honey, taro, sweet potatoe, coconuts, limes, yams, cassava etc are the agricultural products of the country. The industries that are growing fast in Niue are tourism industry, handicrafts industry, food processing industry and so on. The export commodities are copra, coconut cream, honey, pawpaws, root crops, vanilla, limes, footballs, handicrafts etc. The nations with which Niue runs its export business are New Zealand mainly, Cook Islands, Fiji, Australia etc.