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Full name: Gibraltar
Capital City: Gibraltar
Language: English (official), Spanish
Currency: Gibraltar Pound (£)
Religion: Christianity, Hindu Indians, Moroccan Muslim, Jewish.
National Anthem: God Save the Queen
Newspaper: Gibraltar News, Panorama, The Gibraltar Chronicle
Places to Visit: Europa Point, Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Gibraltar Museum, Great Siege Tunnels, Trafalgar Cemetery and much more.
Transport: Avail to and fro flights from London and Luton within the UK. One doesn not get a direct bus transportation to Gibraltar, but the nearest bus station is La Línea which is walking distance to the border. Three ferries in a week sail across from Gibraltar and Tangier, that take about 2 hours.
Shopping: Chinese linens, audio-visual gadgets, cigarettes, cigars, spirits, jewellery, watches, porcelain, perfumes and Gibraltar Crystal.

The significance behind the name Gibraltar made its origin from the Arabic word Jabal Tariq that meant mountain of Tariq. It denotes the Moorish assault of Iberia directed by the Berber Umayyad general Tariq ibn-Ziyad.
Gibraltar Map
Lately the present name was colloquially termed as Gib or the Rock. Gibraltar has a historical significance of being the base for the Armed Forces along with the naval services of Britishers. Witness the finest caves nestled in Europe along with glancing through the semi-wild apes that are unique to this region.

Location Of Gibraltar
Gibraltar, the UK overseas territory is nestled along the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, beyond the Strait of Gibraltar where the North Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. The place shares common boundaries with Spain from the northern side.

Physical Map Of Gibraltar
The territory covers a total area space of about 2.53 square miles in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is constituted with two major coasts (sides):
  • The East Side comprised of inhabitants of Sandy Bay and Catalan Bay.
  • The West Side, where majority of the population reside.
Travel to this densely populated region constituted of a narrow coastal lowland terrain, contiguous along the elevated Rock of Gibraltar. Gibraltar 'Ape' The Rock is formed by limestone sedimentary rock, which has a tunnel inlet, used for the military purpose.

Gibraltar Flag
Flag Of Gibraltar
The flag of Gibraltar is designed with two parallel bands wherein the upper portion is colored in white, which is of double width in its size to the bottommost band colored in red. A three-towered red castle is placed in the midst of the white band from where a golden key hangs to the center point of the red band.

The castle resembles the fortification of Gibraltar. The key denotes the significance of the fortress in this place. The flag stands as a strong symbol of Gibraltarian sovereignty and independence wherein the native people drape their flag during the national day celebration.

Climate Of Gibraltar
The closeness between the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans along with the topography determines the climatic condition of Gibraltar. With relatively temperate kind of weather where one can witness both mild winters and warm summers administrated by the Levanter and Poniente winds that drifts along the Strait from the western and eastern region. The East or Levanter governs the humid season in the state accompanied with a 'Rock Top' cloud or sea fog that hovers along the city skyline.

The months of May to September are usually hot and sultry in nature. Slight amount of down pouring comes along with the winter season that carry a temperature of about 15°C. Gibraltar and particularly the Strait region are uniquely placed in the western entrance of the Alboran Basin that is defended from the low level air by the Atlas Mountain towards the south, Sierra Nevada towards the northern end.

Flora And Fauna Of Gibraltar
The native plants of the region of Gibraltar are palms, jacaranda, lavender, jasmine, clematis, honeysuckle, geraniums and bougainvillea. Among the rarest species mention can be made of Gibraltar Candytuft and Gibraltar Sea Lavender, which is named after the place. Watch out flying fish soaring above the water on its wings or take a fantastic gaze at the dolphin leaping to entertain you. Several migratory birds flock along the Gibraltar Rock during the season of spring and autumn. Peregrine Falcons, Blue Rock Thrush and Barbary Partridge, harriers, hoopoes, buzzards and black kytes breed along this place.

The Gibraltarians possesses an idiosyncratic fusion of ethnic and artistic skills from the immigrant of the European province who lately settled here. In spite of this the people of Gibraltar are known for their English or Spanish origin. The major inhabitants of the region were formed by Genoese, Maltese, and Portuguese settlers after the Spanish residents left the place. Other minor communities that even thrive here are Minorcans, Sardinians, Sicilians, French, Germans, Italians, and the British.

The Ethnic groups of this region are:
•  Genoese,
•  Maltese,
•  Portuguese,
•  Germans,
•  Jewish of Sephardic origin,
•  North African.
Christianity is the chief religion of Gibraltar wherein the primary population of the province relates to the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of England, Church of Scotland the Methodist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Jehovah's Witnesses are some of the basic minorities nestled within this region. Apart from these Hindu Indians, Moroccan Muslim inhabitants and Jewish group of people form a part of this place. English is the official language of the region, which is used generally for business purpose or an official meeting. Llanito, a vernacular from the Andalusia Spanish are also widely used within the region.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Gibraltar
Art: The place is famous for its art exhibition along with handicrafts made of fragile glassware, porcelain, pottery, leatherwear, perfumes, spirits, jewellery, silks or cashmere. Get to experience international standard of goods at a very competitive value.

Culture: The national Day in Gibraltar is celebrated on 10 September every year with full enthusiasm to honor the self-determination, which the Gibraltarian carry. The tercentenary of Gibraltar was also celebrated in Gibraltar for the country's connection with the naval base.

Music: The resurgence of the Rock music emerged in Gibraltar that came in the form of bands that were shaped accordingly who adhered to live performances that attracted huge crowd in the town. The local bands that materialized in the region were: Breed 77, Seven Sins, Cyonide, Taxi, Milbajac and No Direction. The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society emerged in 1998 where the first guitarist, Charles Ramirez, was told to play along with the Royal College of Music Orchestra, which was quite significant indeed.

Economy Of Gibraltar
Gibraltar has been assisted till date economy wise from the sectors of shipping trade in the country along with finance, tourism, and virtual gaming industry. The revenue is generated from the duties implied on the consumer goods, service fees from the shipping department and many other sources. The military services of the Britishers contribute negligibly to the financial system tentatively amounting to about 6% of the economy.
  • The goods that are exported from this region are petroleum along with manufactured commodities.
  • The imported goods within the region pertain to fuels, manufactured goods, and several foodstuffs.
  • The industry thriving in the region are banking and finance, ship repairing, tobacco along with tourism.
Gibraltar has switched from the public to the private sector but still the government policies and its expenditures have a severe impact on the economy's employment condition.