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Map of Cook Islands

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The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. They lie north-east of New Zealand, between French Polynesia and American Samoa. These 15 islands are divided into two groups: the Southern Cook Islands and the Northern Cook Islands.
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There are a total of 15 islands under Cook Islands. The map of Cook Islands points the exact location of these islands. Also the forest areas, socio-culturally rich sites and historical areas are highlighted in the Cook Island map. Being categorized into two parts north and south, Cook Islands boasts of a sizable population. The local people of Cook Islands are known as Polynesians. Pukapukan, English and Maori are the three widely spoken languages of Cook Islands.

Last Updated : March 03, 2014

The Cook Islands is a self-governing group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The flag of the Cook Islands features the Union Jack to the top left corner and has fifteen white stars to the right.
Official Name Cook Islands
Lat Long21°12'S159°46'W
Area236 sq km
Population21,000 [3]
Largest CityAvarua
Official LanguagesEnglish, Cook Islands Maori
Major Religion87.7% Mãori 5.8% part-Mãori 6.5% other
National Day4 August 1965 (Constitution Day)
Form of GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
PresidentElizabeth II ( Monarch)
Vice PresidentTom Marsters (Queen's Representative)
Prime MinisterHenry Puna
CurrencyNew Zealand dollar (NZD), Cook Islands dollar
GDP$183.2 million 2005 estimate
Calling Code682
Time ZoneCKT (UTC-10)
Internet TLD.ck

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