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Cook Islands Flag

Flag of Cook Islands

The official flag of the Cook Islands is a blue ensign and bears the Union Flag in the top left corner. On the right side of the flag are fifteen white stars forming a circle. The stars form a symmetrical ring and are all of equal size.
The Union Flag represents the nation's historic ties to the United Kingdom and to the Commonwealth of Nations.

The fifteen stars in the flag represent the fifteen Cook Islands - Aitu, Aitutaki, Manihiki, Manuae, Mangaia, Mauke, Mitiaro, Nassau, Palmerston, Pukapuka, Tongareva, Rakahanga, Rarotonga, Suwarrow, and Takutea. The blue field symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, and the ideal of peace as cherished by the inhabitants.

Official Name: Cook Islands

Flag Proportion: 1:2

Adopted on: August 4, 1979

Location: Located in the South Pacific Ocean

Capital City: Avarua

Major Cities: Mangaia, Rakahanga, Aitutaki

Area: 91 square miles

Population: 19,569

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Cook Islands Dollar

Official Languages: English, Cook Islands Maori

National Anthem: God is Truth

National symbol(s): a circle of 15, five-pointed, white stars on a blue field, Tiare maori (Gardenia taitensis) flower

National colors: blue, white

National anthem:
name: "Te Atua Mou E" (To God Almighty)
lyrics/music: Tepaeru Te RITO/Thomas DAVIS

Fact about Cook Islands flag

CountryCook Islands
Designed byNA
AdoptedAugust 4, 1979
Design and ColorsBlue ensign with a ring of fifteen white stars in the fly.
Size Ratio1:2

Last Updated On : August 28th, 2017

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