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Information about Armenia

Overview of Armenia
Armenia Information gives us the intricate details of the Republic of Armenia .
The Armenian Territory is placed in the middle of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. This once democracy of the Soviet Union is considered to be one of the primitive civilizations in the world. Azerebaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Iran are the neighboring nations of the Republic of Armenia.

Varieties of Armenia Information
•  The total population of the Armenian Territory is estimated to be around 2,971, 650 in the year 2007. Armenian population is mostly centered in the urban centers of Armenia. The low-lying plains and the Hrazdan River valley are the most populous parts of the Armenian Republic. The city of Yerevan serves as the capital of Armenia.

•  Armenian geography is characterized by rolling mountains, alpine landscape, woodland, dry steppe, desert and extinct volcanoes. The present landmass of the Armenian Territory has turned out to be 29,743 square kilometers.

•  Armenia information also tells us about the diversities of the Armenian culture. The ancient forms of arts, literatures, dance and painting have enriched the culture of the Armenian Republic.

•  Armenia information also deals with the entertainment, transportation, lodging and dining options of the Armenian Republic.

Armenia information provides you with all the facts and figures you require to have a pleasure trip to the beautiful country of Armenia.