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Artashat Map

Artashat is one of the well known Armenian cities. Persian migrants established Artashat city in Armenia in 1828-29. Artashat is now counted among the modern Armenian cities and seeks its name from name from ancient Artaxiata signifying "Joy of Artashes". Starbo, a famous Greek geographer and historian and Plutarch, another reputed Greek biographer, depicted Artashat as a magnificent and huge city. They further described the city as the "Armenian Carthage".

Location of Artashat:
Artashat is located in Ararat province of Armenia and is its capital. It is situated in the Ararat Valley on the eminent Araks River.

History of Artashat:
  • Artaxis 1, who was an ancient Armenian king established Artashat.
  • Artashat is a repository of hellenistic culture.
  • Artashat boasts of being the site where the first Armenian theater was constructed.
  • As the legend goes, Hannibal after the defeat of Antichus by the Romans, encouraged king Artaxias to build the city of Artashat.
  • Until the fall of the Armenian Kingdom, Artashat was the seat of Armenian politics and culture.
Places of Interest Around Artashat:
The ruins of ancient Artashat contain the Khor Virap Monastery, which is well known as the historic site of the imprisonment of Gregory the Illuminator.

Among the various archaeological artifacts found in Artashat , a marble statute of a women is quite famous Dvin Artashat and FC Artashat are the two popular football clubs based in Artashat.

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