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What are The Most Amazing Man-made Islands?

Man-made Islands Around The WorldHere is a map depicting some of the most famous man-made islandsBalboa IslandsWillingdon IslandPearl Qatar islandsVenetian IslandKamfers DamTHUMS islandPalm islandsUros Island
People Created Artificial Islands That Rivals The Natural Ones in Beauty and Magnificence
One of the most expensive real estate destinations in North America.
You will find thousands of flamingoes here
Palm Islands are one of the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai.

There is much beauty in the islands that the world remembers for their white sandy beaches and unique flora and fauna. Fondness for islands has known no bounds and that’s perhaps why people went a step further and created man-made islands that rival the natural ones in beauty and magnificence. Some of these islands around the world have all the amenities found in top international cities and many of them have become top tourist attractions raking in billions of dollars every year.

Let us take a look at some amazing man-made islands from around the world:

Balboa Islands, California

Back in the 19th century, Balboa was anything except exciting. It was just a mudflat and swampland located in California, U.S.A. However, all that began to change with W S Collins showing interest in the land in the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Balboa is far from what it was more than hundred years ago.

The artificial island is rated as one of the most expensive real estate destinations in North America. It also offers travelers numerous fun-filled activities and boating is just one of them. Here, you will find the Newport Landing Whale Watching Cruises, which provide visitors with whale watching trips. If you plan to visit the island in early June, you are sure to catch the Balboa Island Parade. There is no need to fret if you miss it. In July, you can enjoy the annual Fourth of July Boat Parade and savor the spectacular fireworks at the Dunes. Covering an area of 0.2 square miles (0.52 km2), the island is littered with numerous restaurants and boutiques.

Willingdon Island, India

Among the many pleasures that a traveler would encounter in India are the diversity, beautiful landscape, sumptuous delicacies, hospitality, and of course the Willingdon Island, which is the largest artificial island in the country. A former British official Lord Willingdon, after whom the island has been named, played a pivotal role in the implementation of the island project, which is located in Kochi, Kerala. The island links the city of Kochi with major seaports of the world. Here, you would find some of the best hotels and industrial as well as commercial offices. It is easy to reach the island as it is well connected to the Kochi’s mainland by the Venduruthy Bridge.

The Pearl-Qatar, Qatar

Spread over an area of approximately four million square meters, the Pearl-Qatar is the pride of Qatar. The project, which is still under construction, was first revealed in 2004. Built on Qatar’s previous major pearl diving sites, the island has been developed by United Development Company. There are an estimated 15,000 people living on the island as of January 2015, which is expected to increase to 45,000 by 2018.

Uros Islands, Peru

South America is home to several natural wonders but here in Peru you will find one that has been created by man. Peru is home to a group of 70 floating man-made islands that are called Uros Islands.

The spectacular islands have been created with totora reeds that are abundantly available in the shallows of the lake. However, it is not only the island that is made of totora reeds, the boats, houses and other products are also created out of the same stuff. So, if you are interested in unique sights, then this island is a definite visit. It is located barely seven kilometers from the town of Puno.

Kamfers Dam, South Africa

Kamfers Dam in South Africa is a sight to behold. You will find thousands of flamingoes stretched as far as your eyes can see. In 2006, an S-shaped artificial island was constructed in the middle of the dam as a breeding island for the lesser flamingoes. In the hope that the lesser flamingoes would make the island their home, a thousand artificial nest turrets were created. The island was a success as around 10,000 birds had arrived in the first few weeks. It has since become a popular breeding ground for lesser flamingoes. However, over the years, a few environmental issues have cropped up such as increased inflow of untreated sewage water.

Venetian Islands, Florida

If you are planning a trip to Florida, do take out time and visit the Venetian Islands, a spectacular man-made island. The chain of artificial islands is located in the Biscayne Bay in Miami and Miami Beach. It is easy to access the islands, as they are well connected by bridges from the Miami mainland to the Miami Beach. An important attraction of the place is the Flagler Monument Island. This is popular among tourists as it is an uninhabited picnic spot. These islands, built way back in 1920, are a memorial to Henry Flagler, who was a railroad pioneer.

THUMS Islands, California

This is another set of islands located in the US state of California. These artificial islands were constructed in 1965 to leverage into the Wilmington Oil Field. The place takes its name from the consortium that bid for its contract – Texaco, Union Oil, Shell Oil, Humble Oil (which is now known as Exxon) and Mobil Oil. These islands have been made with advanced technology and contain tall structures that conceal the drilling rigs. These landscaped islands are also equipped with a waterfall. In 1967, the islands were renamed as Astronaut Islands, in honor of four American astronauts who had lost their lives: Apollo 1 astronauts and an astronaut who was killed while he was piloting a T-38 Talon jet for NASA.

Palm Islands, Dubai

Palm Islands are one of the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai. Conceived in the shape of a Palm tree, these islands are delightful to behold and have often been referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. The largest man-made islands in the world, Palm Islands have been created from reclaimed land. Today, these are popular holiday destinations and are frequented by people from around the world. Palms Islands comprise three islands – Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira. However, only Palm Jumeirah is open to public. Some of the attractions at Palm Jumeirah include famous luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, Crescent, The Trunk and 16 Fronds. The island is also home to intricately designed residential property, some of which are owned by popular celebrities such as David Beckham.

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