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What Are the Lowest Land Points on Earth?

Lowest Land Points on Earth
Lowest Land Point on Earth, Located at 1,388 ft – The Dead Sea

Lowest Land Point on Earth

Adventurous people aim to climb the highest points like the majestic Mount Everest – the highest peak on Earth, but there are quite a few places that are equally renowned for being a lot lower to the sea level. The lowest land points on Earth are so deep down that only the daring hearts can venture to the bottom. Some of the significant depressions are concerning the boundaries of tectonic plates. Similar to the mountain peaks, even these depressions can have volcanic origination.

The Dead Sea – Lowest Land Point on Earth

Devoid of any life forms – the Dead Sea is the lowest land point on Earth. The shoreline of the sea is impressively 1,388 feet below sea level. Landlocked between Asian countries of Israel and Jordan. It is also the world’s deepest hypersaline and saltiest water body. As of 2011, the level of salinity recorded in the sea stood at 34.2 percent. Such high salt concentration makes the water so dense that people can easily float in it – an aspect quite similar to the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.

Being a lot saltier than the ocean, the dead sea sustains an environment that is too harsh to survive in, for the aquatic animals and plants. Lying in the Jordan Valley, it derives most of its waters from the flow of River Jordan. Any fish that arrives in the sea because of the tributary also dies immediately. However, the mineral content in the waters and atmospheric conditions of the region, makes the Dead Sea a center for health research. 

Numerous products ranging from asphalt for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers, from cosmetics to herbal sachets, have been utilizing minerals of the salt lake.

When tourists arrive at the location of the Dead Sea, they are struck with deafening calmness. There are no settlements in the region, and people can spend time wallowing in the mud that is known to have therapeutic properties – be it for skin disease or beauty benefits.

The northern counterpart of the Dead sea is the Sea of Galilee. Located in Israel, the sea is 705 feet below sea level. The lowest freshwater lake in the world, it covers an area of 64.4 square miles at its fullest. Though its primary source is the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee is partly fed by underground springs.

The Table Below Mentions the Other Lowest Points on the Land:

Lowest Points Country Feet below Sea Level (Ft) Comments
Lake Eyre Australia 49
Salton Sea, California USA 234
Spadina Akchanaya Turkmenistan 266 Also known as Akdzhakaya Depression
Death Valley, California USA  282
Laguna del Carbon, Bajo del Gualicho  Argentina 344 A part of San Julian’s depression.
Danakil Depression Ethiopia 410
Caspian Sea/Caspian Depression EUROPE CONTINENT – Bordering countries Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran 433 Also known as Karigiye depression
Qattara Depression Egypt 436
Turpan Depression China  505 Also known as Turfan depression
 Lake Assal Djibouti 509
Sea of Galilee Israel, Jordon 705 Northern Counterpart of Dead Sea
Dead Sea Israel, Jordon 1,388

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