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Guam Facts

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Where is Guam? Guam is an organized, though the unincorporated, territory of the United States. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean. What is the capital of Guam? The…

Where is Guam?

Guam is an organized, though the unincorporated, territory of the United States. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean.

What is the capital of Guam?

The capital of Guam is Hagatna, formerly called Agana. It is the second-smallest village on the island by both area and population. The village is one of the major commercial districts in Guam. Also, Hagatna is home to the seat of the island’s government.

Which is the largest village in Guam?

As per the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, Dededo is the most populated village of the United States territory of Guam. It has a population of over 45,000.

How big is Guam?

Covering an area of 209 square miles, Guam is the largest island in the Mariana island chain. It is also the southernmost of the Mariana Islands.

What are the ethnic groups in Guam?

Guam has an estimated population of over178,000. The largest ethnic group in the island are the native Chamorros, forming over thirty-seven percent of the total population. Other ethnic groups constituting the island include Filipino (25.5%), and White (10%). The whites refer to people of Spanish and European American ancestry. There are also a few people of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean ancestry.

Who are the political leaders of Guam ?

President – Barack Obama
Governor – Eddie Calvo
Lt. Governor – Ray Tenorio

What currency is used in Guam ?

The United States dollar denoted by the ISO 4217 code USD is the official currency of Guam. It is also referred to as the American dollar and is the official currency of the United States of America as well. One dollar is divided into hundred cents or pennies.

What is the official language of Guam ?

The United States territory of Guam has two official languages: English and Chamorro.

What is the religion of Guam ?

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion of Guam followed by eighty-five percent of the population.

What is the economy of Guam like ?

In 2010, the GDP (PPP) of the US territory Guam was estimated at $2.5 billion. Tourism is the most significant industry, generating great revenue. The territory is a favorite holiday destination. The major chunk of tourists come from Japan. Tumon is the basic holiday attraction. Besides, indoor aquariums, Sandcastle Las Vegas-styled shows, shopping centers and entertainment parks attract millions of people to the place.

When did Guam achieve independence ?

Guam was declared independent on July 21, 1944. This day is celebrated as the Liberation Day every year. The Battle of Guam was fought by the United States in the year 1944 and Guam was made an independent territory. Before independence, Guam was ruled by Japan.

Interesting facts about Guam

Fact 1 The official name of Guam is the ‘Territory of Guam’.
Fact 2 The official languages of Guam are English and Chamorro.
Fact 3 Mt. Lamlam, rising to a height of 1,334 feet (407 meters), forms the highest point in Guam.
Fact 4 Mariana Trench, deepest part of the ocean in the world, is in the vicinity of Guam.
Fact 5 About 85 percent of Guam’s citizens are Roman Catholic, which is the major religion here.
Fact 6 The famous Latte Stones were built by the ancestors of Guam. They look like mushrooms with very long shoots and were believed to support the houses of the upper classes in ancient Guam.
Fact 7 Much before America took over Guam, it was home to the Spaniards. It was a Spanish colony for over 300 years and the local culture was greatly influenced by the culture of Spain.
Fact 8 The coastline of this beautiful country is covered in stunning coral reefs, whilst further inland the terrain features steep coastal cliffs and narrow coastal plains in the north, low hills in the centre and mountains in the south.
Fact 9 Tourism is the major source of income for the economy of Guam. Guam habitats some of the exquisite beaches of the world and therefore attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.
Fact 10 The capital city of Guam, which is called Agana, claims to be one of the oldest European cities in the Pacific.
Fact 11 The beaches of Guam are not covered with sand but ground coral, which means this island, does not have sand!
Fact 12 Mariana Islands were claimed by Spain in the sixteenth century and named after Queen Mariana, the mother of Charles II of Spain
Fact 13 Marianas Rose Crown Fruit Dove, also known as Tottot and Ptilinopus roseicapilla, is the national bird of Guam.
Fact 14 Bougainvillea spectabilis or Puti Tai Nobiu is the nation flower of Guam.
Fact 15 Guam’s national tree is ‘ifil’, also knows ‘ifit’.
Fact 16 Most part of Guam observe all the American holidays. However, it has two specific national holidays, which are the Guam Discovery Day, held on the first Monday in March and the Liberation Day, on 21 July.
Fact 17 Guamanians enjoy a tropical marine climate with generally warm and humid weather with little seasonal temperature variation; there is also a rainy season from July to December.

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