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Suriname Weather

Suriname weather is generally tropical and humid type and the weather gets cooled by the presence of the north east trade winds. If you are planning a trip to Suriname then the best time of the year is February to April as this time of the year Suriname has short dry type of weather. Other suitable time for visit is from August to October. Suriname weather rainy season generally last from November to January and again from May to July. But the weather of Suriname is usually cooler and not so extreme as Suriname is far away from the Volcanic and the Hurricane zone. Heavy shower is the very part of the Suriname weather as it is again counterbalanced by the presence of rain forest.

Suriname weather is usually pleasant throughout the year and the average daily temperature usually varies between 21 and 32 degree centigrade.

Some of the important places of the Suriname is mentioned below along with their weather condition:
  • Nickerie - 800F/270 C
  • Paramaribo - 780F/260C
  • Zandery - 730F/230 C
  • Zandery Paramaribo - 780F/260C
The rainy weather in Suriname in turns favors the rich flora and fauna and they are really amazing. The various species of mosses and the shrubs are the main attractions which are unique in the world. Thus we see that the Suriname weather condition and other climatic factors are quite suitable for the tourists as they are not extreme at all and anybody can withstand it.