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Cricket Trophies

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Since 1999 the International Cricket Council has decided that the world cup trophy will not be awarded to the winning team for good. In place of that a replica will be provided to the winners.

The trophy weighs 11 kg and was made by Garrard, the Crown Jewelers of London and costs around £ 40,000. The trophy is made of Silver and gilt and is 60 cm in length. The trophy features three columns shaped in the form of an arc that meets in a circle at the top. The columns depict the wickets and the bells. At the centre of this circle is a globe that symbolizes the world. The trophy can be viewed from all angles and also features the name of the previous six winners. There is also place for 12 more inscriptions.

Before every world cup, the trophy is displayed in all the participating countries. It is also awarded to the winners at the final prize distribution ceremony but afterwards it has to be returned to the ICC. Australia has won the World Cup three times, the West Indies twice while India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won once each.