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Burundi Economy

The war in Burundi since 1993 and the imposition of sanctions from 1996- 1999 has had a tremendous impact on its economy. Burundi economy witnessed a slump as official economic activity took a backseat. Most of these activities underwent cessation, never to return again.

The central bank of Burundi took a rigid monetary position in the 80s but had to compromise on its policies post war. Burundi economy primarily thrives on agriculture which accounts for almost 50% of the total GDP. The bulk of the export earnings is made through commercial agriculture.

A large section of the Burundi population is dependent on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood. The chief crops in Burundi namely plantains, manioc, sweet potatoes and bananas. Burundi is rich in minerals. But this sector has remained largely underutilized.

There are reserves of petroleum in the region of the Ruzizi valley and Lake Tanganyika. Burundi economy is growing with each passing day and attempting to come out of the far reaching consequences of the war.