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What countries spend the most of their GDP on Research and Development?

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World map depicts the countries' expenditure on Research and Development

The innovative activities undertaken by corporations or governments to develop new services or products or improving existing services or products are categorized under the Research and Development Industry.

A robust research and development (R&D) infrastructure is vital for the economic development of the country. With innovation and constant upgradation in technology, the wastage of time and resources is minimized and hence a powerful tool for improving productivity.

Innovation and economic growth are directly proportional to each other. More the innovation, better the way of utilizing the resources as it generates knowledge.

According to the 2015 World Bank report, Israel spent the maximum on research and development, amounting to 4.3% of its GDP. Multinational companies like Intel, Apple, and Facebook have their R&D centers in Israel that help the country to grab the top position on the list.

South Korea is the next to spend the maximum amount of its GDP on research and development. As per the report, the nation, which has carved a niche around the world due to its range of highly innovative and well-designed products, spent around 4.2 percent of its GDP on research and development in 2015.

The Asian nation of Japan and the three European nations of Sweden, Austria, and Denmark also spent a considerable amount of 3 percent and above.

Japan, which has set a benchmark in technological innovation and creates products which are loved worldwide, was at the third spot spending some 3.3 percent of its GDP on research and development.

Here is a table representing the countries’ expenditure on Research and Development as per World Bank Report.

Country Name 2015(% GDP)
Israel 4.3
Korea, South 4.2
Japan 3.3
Sweden 3.3
Austria 3.1
Denmark 3.0
Finland 2.9
Germany 2.9
North America 2.8
United States of America 2.8
Belgium 2.5
France 2.2
Iceland 2.2
Slovenia 2.2
China 2.1
Netherlands 2.0
Czech Republic 1.9
Norway 1.9
United Kingdom 1.7
Estonia 1.5
Hungary 1.4
Italy 1.3
Malaysia 1.3
Luxembourg 1.3
Portugal 1.3
Spain 1.2
Slovakia 1.2
Lithuania 1.0
Poland 1.0
Greece 1.0
Bulgaria 1.0
Serbia 0.9
United Arab Emirates 0.9
Croatia 0.9
Malta 0.8
Hong Kong 0.8
Egypt 0.7
Tunisia 0.6
India 0.6
Thailand 0.6
Latvia 0.6
Ukraine 0.6
Mexico 0.6
Belarus 0.5
Romania 0.5
Cyprus 0.5
Macedonia 0.4
Puerto Rico 0.4
Cuba 0.4
Chile 0.4
Montenegro 0.4
Moldova 0.4
Mozambique 0.3
Georgia 0.3
Armenia 0.3
Oman 0.2
Pakistan 0.2
Colombia 0.2
Azerbaijan 0.2
Bermuda 0.2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.2
Uzbekistan 0.2
Kazakhstan 0.2
Mongolia 0.2
Macao 0.1
El Salvador 0.1
Paraguay 0.1
Kyrgyzstan 0.1
Cambodia 0.1
Peru 0.1
Tajikistan 0.1
Nicaragua 0.1
Lesotho 0.1
Iraq 0.0
Aruba NA
Afghanistan NA
Angola NA
Albania NA
Andorra NA
Argentina NA
American Samoa NA
Antigua and Barbuda NA
Australia NA
Burundi NA
Benin NA
Burkina Faso NA
Bangladesh NA
Bahrain NA
Bahamas NA
Belize NA
Bolivia NA
Brazil NA
Barbados NA
Brunei NA
Bhutan NA
Botswana NA
Central African Republic NA
Canada NA
Switzerland NA
Channel Islands NA
Cote d’Ivoire NA
Cameroon NA
Democratic Republic of the Congo NA
Republic of the Congo NA
Comoros NA
Cabo Verde NA
Costa Rica NA
Curacao NA
Cayman Islands NA
Djibouti NA
Dominica NA
Dominican Republic NA
Algeria NA
Ecuador NA
Eritrea NA
Ethiopia NA
Fiji NA
Faroe Islands NA
Federated States of Micronesia NA
Gabon, The NA
Ghana NA
Gibraltar NA
Guinea NA
Gambia, The NA
Guinea-Bissau NA
Equatorial Guinea NA
Grenada NA
Greenland NA
Guatemala NA
Guam NA
Guyana NA
Honduras NA
Haiti NA
Indonesia NA
Isle of Man NA
Ireland NA
Iran NA
Jamaica NA
Jordan NA
Kenya NA
Kiribati NA
St. Kitts and Nevis NA
Kuwait NA
Laos NA
Lebanon NA
Liberia NA
Libya NA
St. Lucia NA
Liechtenstein NA
Sri Lanka NA
Lower middle income NA
St. Martin NA
Morocco NA
Monaco NA
Madagascar NA
Maldives NA
Marshall Islands NA
Mali NA
Myanmar NA
Northern Mariana Islands NA
Mauritania NA
Mauritius NA
Malawi NA
Namibia NA
New Caledonia NA
Niger NA
Nigeria NA
Nepal NA
Nauru NA
New Zealand NA
Panama NA
Philippines NA
Palau NA
Papua New Guinea NA
Korea, Dem. People’s Rep. NA
Palestine NA
French Polynesia NA
Qatar NA
Rwanda NA
Saudi Arabia NA
Sudan NA
Senegal NA
Singapore NA
Solomon Islands NA
Sierra Leone NA
San Marino NA
Somalia NA
South Sudan NA
Sao Tome and Principe NA
Suriname NA
Swaziland NA
Sint Maarten NA
Seychelles NA
Syrian Arab Republic NA
Turks and Caicos Islands NA
Chad NA
Togo NA
Turkmenistan NA
Timor-Leste NA
Tonga NA
Trinidad and Tobago NA
Turkey NA
Tuvalu NA
Tanzania NA
Uganda NA
Uruguay NA
St. Vincent and the Grenadines NA
Venezuela NA
British Virgin Islands NA
Virgin Islands (U.S.) NA
Vietnam NA
Vanuatu NA
Samoa NA
Kosovo NA
Yemen NA
South Africa NA
Zambia NA
Zimbabwe NA

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