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What is the Population of Hawaii?

Hawaii Population MapThe Population of Hawaii, which has 5 Counties, as per July 1st, 2016 estimate, is 1,428,557 (one million four hundred twenty-eight thousand five hundred fifty-seven). The last official US Government census was done in 2010, and the population as per that census was 1,360,301 (One million three hundred sixty thousand three hundred one).

Here is a compilation of county-wise population data for the state in tabular format:

County Name April 1, 2010 – Census Population Estimate (as of July 1, 2016)
Honolulu County 953,207 992,605
Hawaii County 185,079 198,449
Maui County 154,834 165,386
Kauai County 67,091 72,029
Kalawao County 90 88
Total Population 1,360,301 1,428,557

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