When does early voting begin in USA?

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When does early voting begin in USA?

US Map depicting when early voting beginsMuch of the world is focused on the US Trade War, or is busy commenting on twitter posts from Donald Trump, while in some states like Minnesota, Wisconsin and even California, early voting for senate elections has already begun. Many Americans are going to cast their votes long before November 6th – when the voting is actually scheduled. Instead of going to the polling booths, people are choosing to be a part of absentee ballots.

Early voting, as the name itself suggests, is a method to place your vote prior to the scheduled date. It could be done via the post office voting, or by early voting polling stations. It helps in improving the voter participation, and in the recent years the percentage of early voters has increased. It benefits by bringing in people who could be busy on the election days with other commitments.

For the 2018 Senate elections of US, early voting began 46 days earlier with people being allowed to submit an absentee ballot in person. The states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota began their early voting on September 21st. The majority of the states have been scheduled in the month of October. Oklahoma will be the last state to set the ballots on November 1st. Only a few states will remain where early voting will not take place.
As each party spends millions to push their supporters forward for casting votes, the entire US is excited about the results. It is believed that this form of election procedure has the ability to change the entire dynamic of election results. The most significant state to watch out for the senate elections of 2018 is Florida. Trump had managed to gain 45.72% of votes in Florida during the US Presidential elections in 2016, yet Bill Nelson from the democratic party who has stayed in the office for a long time is running for re-election to serve a fourth term. However, sources suggest that Bill Nelson needs to put in a stronger fundraising as Rick Scott from the republican party has been able to self-fund his campaign to a great extent.

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