Where is the Black Forest Located?

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Where is the Black Forest?

The Black Forest - Germany's Most Beautiful Region
The Black Forest – The dense stretch of conifers obstruct sun rays from reaching the ground, hence the area remains dark.

The dark and delicious Black Forest cake – gets its name from Germany’s most beautiful region. The Black Forest is bestowed with vineyards, river valleys, deep and mysterious cirque lakes, high magnificent mountain peaks and serene forests. Offering unspoiled landscapes – the Black Forest is the largest designated nature park in Germany.

Here are a few facts about the Black Forest of Germany, that you would like to know:

  • The 100-mile-long dense stretch of conifers, even obstruct the sun rays from reaching the ground. This results in the area remaining dark and hence, the name – Black Forest was derived back in the Roman Era.
  • Stretching an impressive 2,320 square miles, the Black Forest is bounded by the Rhine valley in west and south. The highest peak amid the lovely expanse of hills is the Feldberg, which rises up to 4,898 ft.
  • The Black forests is distinguished into two parts by the Kinzig valley. One part has high summits like Feldberg, Herzogenhorn, and Blossing. The summits on the northern side have lesser height, with the average being 2,000ft.
  • The very famous Cuckoo clock is believed to have been developed and evolved in the Black Forest. You could add castles or tiny villages in the area – and you shall have a real-life fairy-tale setting. Legend has it, Brothers Grimm were indeed inspired by this very land in their native country, for their stories like Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.
  • Although mainly a granite highland, the northern part of the region sustains forested sandstone, and the southern region is bordered with lower land, yet the soil is more fertile.
  • The land is known for its warm springs. It had once been a favorite spot for armies to rest after a battle. Even the kings and queens, emperors and celebrities have found the Black Forest to be a perfect location to enjoy springs.
  • One of the major key attraction is the spa town: Baden-Baden. Since centuries, the town has maintained its reputation of being a health center. The town has curative thermal spas that are formed with the bubble coming from 12 springs, which are deep under the ground.
  • Forestry has remained the biggest industry, since the beginning. Many countries have used the logs to get their ships and buildings built. The quality and craftsmanship of the labour here is well renowned.

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