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Is Edinburgh castle haunted?

Infographic discussing the paranormal activities in Edinburgh Castle

Do you believe in supernatural powers? Many people have no choice but to accept that ghosts are real. They claim to have witnessed phenomenons that are unlikely to happen in the real world. Scientists have struggled to bring out explanations that could justify the existence of unusual sounds, touch, or mysterious occurrences that render people to believe in a surreal world that is beyond the six senses of human beings.

Ancient castles have been considered haunted in mythical tales or folk stories. Production houses for horror movies often include huge, lifeless castles as the center of paranormal occurrences. As of today, numerous historical places around the world have restricted visits because of mysterious deaths that have been reported in the areas. Scotland – a friendly, passionate and innovative country in Europe – also has an Edinburgh Castle where people have reported witnessing a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of prisoners, and a lot more paranormal events that have left them shocked.

Located amid the sea and hills, standing so magnificently, is the fortress – the Edinburgh Castle. Research has declared it as “the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world”. One of the oldest buildings of Edinburgh city, the castle is built on a 700 million year old extinct volcano. It is a wonderment how it was constructed in 850 BC. Historians have claimed that it must have remained a royal castle at least till the 12th century. It was one of the significant strongholds in the Kingdom of Scotland and was involved in numerous historical conflicts ranging from 14th century wars for Scottish Independence to the Jacobite rising of 1745.

Paranormal enthusiasts love to explore the castle and do their own form of ‘ghost-busting’. A walk through the creepy damp cellars, chambers and vaults is often enough to witness the dropping of temperatures, shadowy figures or have burning sensations. The unwelcoming presences often make people feel as if they are being watched or they are tugging at their clothes. Dr. Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from Hertfordshire University of England, who is known for exposing the myths regarding haunted stories, was himself skeptical about the results when he brought his team to the castle.

There have been rumors about the presence of witches and the ghost of a young boy who played bagpipes, Lady Janet’s servants, prisoners of wars and enemy spies who were once tortured and left to die inside the castle. Scientists have worked on the paranormal notions, while some of the phenomena have been given ‘red herrings’, many still remain mysterious – leaving people with the doubt to believe it or not.

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