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What are the Key Facts of Pennsylvania?

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Map of Pennsylvania
Map of Pennsylvania which lies in the northern and Mid Atlantic regions of the USA



State Capital


Largest City



41°N 77.5°W


Keystone State”, “Quaker State”

Postal Abbreviation



46,055 sq. mi (119,283 sq. km)

Highest Point

Mount Davis, 3,213 ft (979 m)

Neighboring States

New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia

Number of Counties



12,801,989 (2019)

Date of entering the Union

December 12, 1787

State Anthem



Tom Wolf (Democrats)

Lieutenant Governor

Jon A. John Fetterman (Democrats)

U.S. senators

Bob Casey Jr. (Democrats), Pat Toomey (Republicans)

U.S. House delegation

9 Democrats, 9 Republicans

GDP (millions of dollars)




Time Zones

UTC−05:00 (Eastern), Summer (DST) UTC−04:00 (EDT)

Where is Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is in the northeastern part of the United States of America. Pennsylvania shares its borders with the following states: Delaware to the southeast, Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west. It also shares its borders with Lake Erie and the Canadian province of Ontario to the northwest, New York to the north, and New Jersey to the east.

What is the Geography of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania spreads across a total area of 46,055 sq. mi (119,283 sq. km). The total land area of the state is 44,816.61 sq. mi (116,074 sq. km), while the area of the water in Pennsylvania is 1,239 sq. mi (3,208 sq. km). Water constitutes 2.7% of the total area of the state. The state is on the 33rd rank in terms of area in the USA.

There is an abundance of rivers in the state, but some of them are prominent such as- Susquehanna River, Ohio River, Allegheny River, Delaware River, Beaver River, and many more. The Ohio River is the longest in Pennsylvania.

The state’s mean elevation is 1,100 ft (340 m) above sea level. The highest elevation point of Pennsylvania is Mount Davis, which is 3,213 ft (979 m while the lowest elevation point of Pennsylvania is Delaware River, which is 0 ft (0 m).

There are significant mountains in Pennsylvania, such as – Mount Davis, Blue Knob, Cove Mountain, Raccoon Mountain, Hawk Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountains‎, etc. Mount Davis is the highest point in Pennsylvania, which is 979 m.

The  state has 20 state forests. These forests are managed and maintained by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry. Some of the significant forests in the state are- Bald Eagle, Buchanan, Clear Creek, Cornplanter, Forbes, Delaware, and many more.

Forest covers more than half of the Pennsylvania state. A wide variety of trees are found in the state, including eastern white pine, red maple, sycamore, and eastern hemlock, while wild bergamot, wild bleeding heart, black-eyed Susan, and so on are the well-known wildflowers of the state.

The state has six significant landforms, including-Central Lowlands, Appalachian Plateaus, Ridge and Valley, New England, Piedmont, and the last one is Atlantic Coastal Plain. Three provinces of the state- – the Appalachian Plateaus, the Ridge and Valley, and Piedmont constitute 98% of the total area of the state.

The state is home to several mammals, including- black bears, elk, red foxes, and white-tailed deer. Many beautiful birds are also spotted in Pennsylvania, such as black-capped chickadee (songbird of Pennsylvania), American goldfinch, American robin, Baltimore oriole, golden eagle, and many more.

Eastern Hemlock is the official state tree of the state, while mountain laurel is the state flower of the state. Besides this, white-tailed deer is the state’s animal, and ruffed grouse is the state bird of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has plenty of lakes, including- Lake Nockamixon, Marsh Creek Lake, Gouldsboro Lake, Lake Wallenpaupack, Raystown Lake, Shenango River Lake, Lake Ontelaunee, Kinzua Lake, Lake Galena and many more.

What is the Climate of Pennsylvania?

The state has a humid continental climate with diverse characteristics due to fluctuations in seasonal temperature and geographic features of the state. The state divides into two major climate zones – The southeastern part of the state has the warmest climate due to the humid continental climate zone. While the weather turns colder in the western part of the state, northwest regions are adjacent to Lake Erie and hence experience lots of snowfall.

The temperature of the state during the summer varies between 75°F (23.9°C) to 95°F (35°C) while the night temperature in summer remains between 55°F (12.8°C) to 70°F (21.1°C). Winter highs are 33°F (0.6°C) to 45°F (7.2°C), while the low temperature in winter remains between the 19°F (-7.2°C) to 30°F (-1.1°C) range. July is the warmest month, and January is the coldest month in Pennsylvania. In January, the temperature remains below 0°F (-17.8°C). Fog is prevalent in the state during winter. Plenty of rain occurs during spring, and the temperature remains moderate during autumn in the state. Tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and snowstorms are frequent in Pennsylvania.

The state gets 23 inches (584.2mm) of snowfall annually. The average annual rainfall in the state is 41 inches (1,041 mm). July receives maximum rainfall while peak snowfall takes place in February.

What is the Economy of Pennsylvania?

The economy of the state is heavily dependent upon the agriculture and manufacturing sector. The major agricultural products in the state in terms of revenue generation are- dairy products, cattle and calves, greenhouse and nursery products, mushrooms, and eggs. It is an estimation that about 70% agricultural income of Pennsylvania generates through livestock and its products. Pennsylvania is the leading milk and egg-producing state in the U.S.

Fruits and vegetables are grown extensively in the state. A large number of apples, grapes, peaches, and strawberries are important fruit crops, sweet corn, and potatoes are also grown in Pennsylvania. The state is also known for the production of processed foods, bread, cakes, chocolate, cocoa products, cookies, and crackers.

The state has been doing well in the manufacturing sector as well. Pennsylvania is the leading producer of ships, iron, chemicals, lumber, oil, textiles, glass, computer, electronic equipment, coal, steel, and so on.

The total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the state was the U.S. $ 813,513.6 in 2019, while the per capita personnel income of the state was 58,775 US. Dollars in 2019.

What is the Transportation System of Pennsylvania?

Public transportation in the state is superb. It is available in every county in the state, with a wide range of services like Keystone Corridor Amtrak service, running from Harrisburg to New York by way of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvanian Amtrak service running from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

In Pennsylvania, state highways are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The state has 23 interstate highways, 12 are primary and 11 auxiliary routes. Some of the significant highways of the state are- 1-70, 1-70 s, 1-76, 1-78, 1-79, 1-80, and so on.

The state has several airports, and some of the major ones are- Allentown – Lehigh Valley International. Airport, Dubois – Jefferson County Airport, Harrisburg International Airport, Johnstown – Cambria County Airport, and many more.

Three systems provide passenger rail service in the state: The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA – Rapid Transit, Trolley and Light Rail, and Commuter Rail.

What is the origin of the name “Pennsylvania”?

The name “Pennsylvania” was described in the charter given to William Penn by England’s Charles II in 1680. The Latin word Sylvania meaning “woodlands,” which was added to Penn to make the word “Penn’s woods.” Another theory suggests that a Quaker named Pennsylvania in respect of his father by merging the name Penn and the Latin term Sylvania, which translates as “woodlands.”

Why is Pennsylvania called “The Keystone State”?

The U.S. state of Pennsylvania has been famous as “the Keystone State” since 1802. The state was a middle colony of the original thirteen colonies. Pennsylvania was centrally located and had a key position in the economic, social, and political development in the U.S. Pennsylvania’s state song has also mentioned the state’s nickname in the second verse “Birthplace of a mighty nation, Keystone of the land.” A Keystone is marked on the U.S. Mint’s Pennsylvania quarter.

The state is also known by some other nicknames such as “Oil Sate”, “State of Independence”, “Coal State” and “Quaker State”.

What are the Popular Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania?

The state is famous for its historical buildings. Here the Allegheny National Forest, Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address were written. Therefore, tourists get a chance to see several historic buildings and many more.

The popular tourist destinations in the state are Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell, Hershey Park, Gettysburg National Military Park, Presque Isle State Park, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fallingwater, Phipps Conservatory, Strasburg, Intercourse and many more. Besides these tourists have lots of things to see. The state is full of enjoyment for tourists.

Facts About Pennsylvania

1.The original state in USA to have included the URL of its official website on a license shield is Pennsylvania.

2.USA’s oldest public zoo is the Philadelphia Zoo. It was set up by Benjamin Franklin.

3.The original stadium for playing baseball was constructed in Pittsburgh. It was done in 1909.

4.The global Christmas tree Capital is Indiana County.

5.USA’s chocolate capital is Hershey.

6.The theme of It’s A Wonderful Life is used to beautify the city center of Indiana town every year on 25th December. Jimmy Stewart, who acted in the movie, was born and brought up in this town itself.

7.Pittsburgh’s original car servicing outlet was inaugurated in 1913.

8.Pittsburgh Steelers is a football team that represents Pittsburgh professionally. The city is has also earned global fame for the local steel industry.

9.The earliest ever computer was used in Philadelphia in 1946.

10.Fairmount Park has an area of at least 8000 acres. It the biggest park in Philadelphia.

11.Bob Hoffmann is a well known humanitarian and entrepreneur but he is better remembered as the man who founded the discipline of bodybuilding and coached the US Olympic team. In 1932 the York Barbell Corp was started by him.

12.There are more than 300 groups of steps in Pittsburgh that are looked after by the city authorities. Their total height would exceed 26,000 feet, which is more than several peaks in Himalayas.

13.21st September 1874 is when the original daily tabloid was brought out. It happened in Philadelphia.

14.It was in Williamsport that the earliest World Series of the Little League Baseball was staged. The event was organized in 1946.

15.July 1784 was when the oldest zoo ever was opened in Philadelphia.

16.Martin guitars were made for the first time in Nazareth.

17.The original oil well of the world was drilled in 1859 by Edwin L Drake in Titusville. This oil well played a very important role in founding the present day oil and petroleum business. Drake Well Museum is located on the extraction site.

18.Once upon a time Philadelphia had functioned as USA’s capital.

19.When a teacher is giving a lecture at the school auditorium in Hazleton he would not be able to consume a fizzy drink. It is prohibited in the laws.

20.It is easy to steer on Susquehanna River in Harrisburg. This is the reason this city was selected as the capital of Pennsylvania. It replaced Bellefonte.

21.Piano Forte is the first ever piano that was made in USA. It was made by Johann Behrent in 1775 in Philadelphia.

22.The original home for the US President was constructed in Philadelphia.

23.Starrucca Viaduct is situated in Pennsylvania. It is a railroad bridge made from stones and among this type of bridges that are used in the city it is the oldest.

24.The original flag of USA was created by Betsy Ross. It was made in Philadelphia.

25.The Liberty Bell was taken back to Philadelphia in June 1778. It was carried in a caravan of 700 wagons. Allentown Road in Towamencin was used to bring it back from Allentown. When the British soldiers had said that would take the city the bell had been taken away and the same route had been used at that time too.

26.In 1885 the original and successful application involving oxygen was made by Dr. George Holtzapple. He also won global acclaim for this finding. He had pledged not let Frederick Gable, a 16 year old boy from Loganville, die from pneumonia and this had led to invention of the particular therapy.

27.Driver’s education started in USA in 1958. The school in question is State College Area High School in Pennsylvania.

28.In 1876 the first ever cop of Stewartstown was employed. He also used to work as a lighter of the lamp posts in the town.

29.The width at the base of Shenango River Dam is 66 feet and it is 720 feet tall. The roadway that crosses the dam at its upper portion is almost 68 feet from the creek bed. Shenango River Dam can be classified as a gravity dam and its center spillway is unrestrained. It is located close to Sharpsville.

30.Cheese steak sandwiches soft pretzel, water ice and TastyKakes were made for the first time ever in Philadelphia.

31.Henry Chapman Mercer built and founded Moravian Pottery & Tile Works. The company still makes hand-crafted products like tiles in a way that is just like the way Mercer used to make them. The company is located in Doylestown.

32.The tallest domed bridge made from stones is Rockville Bridge. It is located in Harrisburg.

33.The global black cherry capital is a Pennsylvanian borough named Kane.

34.The global mushroom capital is Kennett Square.

35.The basic idea behind the creation of Zippo Manufacturing was to make a useful, durable and necessary product. The company was set up in 1932 in Bradford by George G Blaisdell.

36.After Colonel Edward Drake found oil in Titusville a nearby town named Franklin rose to become a hub of global production of petroleum.

37.The complete length of Kinzua Railroad Bridge is 2100 feet and it goes up to 301 feet from the valley’s ground, which is also at its center. When it was constructed in 1882 it was labeled as globally the tallest and biggest railway bridge. It is located close to Mount Jewett.

38.It was in Philadelphia in 1776 that the signing of Declaration of Independence took place.

39.The southern border of Antrim Township is included in Mason-Dixon Line. It is situated in the south-central part of Pennsylvania.

40.The earliest radio broadcast to have been aired on a commercial basis was done in Pittsburgh. The program was financed by KDKA radio, a local station.

41.When hit by a hammer the ringing rocks produce a distinct sound that has made them famous. At Lower Pottsgrove Township too the Ringing Hill has been dubbed after these rocks.

42.The Liberty Bell can be observed in Philadelphia.

43.The Star Theater at Mercersburg used to admit patrons in lieu of canned goods as they acted as supplies for the soup kitchen located in that area. This used to happen at the time of Great Depression.

44.The historic occasion named Crossing of the Delaware is repeated every year. This reenactment happens in Washington Crossing on 25th December.

45.The biggest plant for processing Welch’s grapes in USA is at North East in Pennsylvania. The city also has four wineries that have been doing well. It is situated in Grape Coast area.

46.Liberty Tunnel is 5,700 feet long – it is the biggest synthetically ventilated subway for cars. It was inaugurated in 1924 in Pittsburgh.

47.William Penn founded Pennsylvania. It is after him that Penn Township has been named. It is also officially known as Township of Penn.

48.The Atlantic Ocean surrounds all the first colonies of USA other than Pennsylvania.

49.The global weather capital is Punxsutawney. Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog which is famous for its weather prediction, is the city’s most celebrated resident.

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