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Information about Gibraltar

Gibraltar Information includes the facts regarding the climatic conditions, geography, history, religions, embassy, population and other such important matters, about this European nation.
  • According to the Information about Gibraltar, the total area over which the country is stretched measures 6.5 square kilometers.

  • The terrain of the country, as per the Gibraltar Facts narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar which is of very narrow coastal lowland which is present at the bordering regions of the Rock of Gibraltar.

  • The population of the land, as conveyed by the Information on Gibraltar, is approximately equal to twenty seven thousand nine hundred and sixty seven.

  • The climatic conditions of the country as per the Gibraltar Information, remains that of the Mediterranean along with warm months of summer and mild winter months.

  • The bordering countries of Gibraltar are that of Spain.

  • A major chunk of the Gibraltar population observes the Roman Catholic religion (78.1%). Other people observe the Church of England (7%), other Christianity (3.2%), Islam (4%), Jewish (2.1%), Hinduism (1.8%). Those who observe none of the religions is that of (2.9%).

  • Gibraltar Information also says that although there are no administrative divisions in the country, yet the land is distributed into seven Major Residential Areas. These residential areas are further divided into various Enumeration Areas that are basically used for the statistical purposes. These seven areas are listed below:
    1. East Side
    2. North District
    3. Reclamation Areas
    4. Sandpits Area
    5. South District
    6. Town Area
    7. Upper Town

Visa to Gibraltar
Visa to Gibraltar is basically a document that the government of Gibraltar issues, which allows a person to enter the destination country for a given period of time only. Once this period expires, the person has to apply for a fresh new Visa.

Visa is not required by all those national who belong to the countries of the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland. These citizens however definitely require a valid passport in order to enter the land of Gibraltar. All those people who belong to the nation of United Kingdom also do not require a visa in order to take entry into this European nation. These people however, definitely need a valid passport along with a National Identity Card, which has been issued by the authorities of Gibraltar.

The passport as well as the visa requirements however changes from time to time and this has to be confirmed from the Gibraltar Embassy or the Gibraltar Consulate. No vaccination certificate is required in order to enter the land of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Embassies around the World
Gibraltar Embassy basically refers to a group of people, on a diplomatic mission to other countries, who belong to the country of Gibraltar. The major roles of the Gibraltar Embassy are listed as follows:
  • To protect the interests of Gibraltar and the nationals belonging to it, in the receiving State
  • To perform all functions while staying in the limits that are permitted by the international law
  • To negotiate with the Government of the receiving State as directed by the government of Gibraltar
  • To assert their presence in the receiving State with the help of the lawful means and to report to the Government of Gibraltar
  • To promote friendly relationships between Gibraltar and the receiving State
  • To develop the cultural, economic and scientific relations between the two countries.

The offices of the Embassy of Gibraltar are located at many places across the globe, some of which are:
  • The Gibraltar Embassy which in the United States of America is located at : 1156 Fifteenth Street N.W.
    Suite 1100
    Washington D.C.
    United States
    Phone: +1-202-452 1108
    Fax: +1-202-452 1109

  • Gibraltar Government Embassy in Brussels of Belgium is located at: Rond Point Schuman Center
    Rond Point Schuman
    6, Box 5
    Tel: 0032 2 238 7854
    Fax: 0032 2 238 7705

  • Gibraltar Embassy in Madrid of Spain:
    Edif. Torre de Madrid
    Plta 10, Of.7
    Plaza de Espana 18
    Tel: +34 91 559 6259
    Fax: +34 91 559 7470

  • Gibraltar Embassy in Washington of the United States of America: 1156 Fifteenth Street NW
    Suite 1100
    Washington DC
    Tel: 001 202 452 1108
    Fax: 001 202 452 1109

Emergency Numbers
Gibraltar Emergency Numbers are basically those telephone numbers which can be used by the inhabitants of the country in the time of need. The Gibraltar Emergency Numbers which are used by the civil exchange are usually in the format of 4xxxx 5xxxx and 7xxxx. The Forces exchange has the emergency numbers of Gibraltar in the format of 53xxx 54xxx 55xxx.

The GibTelecom operates a GSM 900 network where GPRS is available. Roaming agreements are also available with most of the operators, including the country of Spain. The Mobile telephone numbers in the country of Gibraltar are usually in the format 5xxxx000 and 5401xxxx.

Some of the important Gibraltar Emergency Numbers include the following:
  • St Bernards Hospital - 79700
  • King George V hospital - 72409
  • Health Center hospital - 77003
  • Royal Naval Hospital - 51254
  • Births, Marriages and Deaths (Registries) - 72289
  • Companies and trademarks - 78193

Police and other Gibraltar Emergency Numbers are:
  • Royal Gibraltar Police - 72500
  • EMERGENCY ONLY (Mobiles) - 112
  • Fire and Ambulance - 190

Other significant Gibraltar Emergency Numbers are as follows:
  • Directory inquiries - 195
  • Airport Inquiries - 73026
  • Clamp towaway - 76999
  • Financial Services commission - 40283
  • Forces Exchange Operator- 53666
  • Frontier hot line (queue info) - 42777
  • Gibraltar Customs Department - 78879
  • Gibraltar Veternary Clinic - 77334
  • Government of Gibraltar - 70071
  • Government Press Officer - 51088
  • GBC Television and Radio - 79760
  • Mortuary - 40342
  • Museum - 74805
  • Passport Office - 51725
  • Post Office - 75624
  • Taxi - 70027
  • Telephone Company - 52200
  • Tourist Office - 74950
  • BT Chargecard calls - 8400