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Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

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Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square – a unique nook of Philadelphia

The Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia is one of the most famous and widely known spots of the city. This huge patch of verdant greenery is a leafy oasis amidst the ever busy streets of Philadelphia. From white collar picnickers to pensive musicians, the Rittenhouse Square gives pleasure to all its visitors.

During the daytime, the park is alive with dog walkers, skateboarders, and sunbathers. The nights are very romantic. Couples taking a lazy stroll down the paved streets of the square are a very common sight here. The Rittenhouse Square was previously known as the Southwest Square. The place was renamed as Rittenhouse Square in the year 1825 after the name of famous clockmaker and astronomer David Rittenhouse.

The Rittenhouse Square is also home to one of the most sophisticated and posh residential areas of the city. There was time when staying at the Southeast Square or the Rittenhouse square was regarded as prestigious. In the 1840’s the square preserved its residential status. But slowly, in the early 1900s, the area was redesigned by celebrated architect Paul Crete who enhanced the beauty of the Rittenhouse Square by constructing the six grand entrances, the central plaza, the pool, and the fountain.

Today, the Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia has no more private houses. The houses here have been transformed into luxury apartments and condominiums. The classiness and elegance of the place is still retained in every brick of the houses.

Rittenhouse Square Map

Location map of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

Location map of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia


Facts about Rittenhouse Square

  • The Rittenhouse Square was constructed in 1683.
  • Thomas Holme and Paul Cret were the architects who designed the square.
  • It is one of original five open-space parks which were planned by William Penn.

Where is Rittenhouse Square?

The square cuts off 19th Street at Walnut Street in Pennsylvania. You can reach the Rittenhouse Square within 15 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Best time to visit Rittenhouse Square

The best time to visit the Rittenhouse Square in Philadephia is from March through May, when its the season of love.

More about Rittenhouse Square

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Image Credit :   lybrarian

Published On: Monday, February 17th, 2014