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Copley Square in Boston

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In a city best known for its historic wonders, Copley Square offers a breath of fresh air with its exquisite architectural wonders. Right across the street, you have the famous…

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Copley Square at Boston, MA

Copley Square at Boston, MA

In a city best known for its historic wonders, Copley Square offers a breath of fresh air with its exquisite architectural wonders. Right across the street, you have the famous Boston Public Library and opposite to that, you have the famous Trinity Church. Also nearby is the luxurious Copley Plaza Hotel. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this Square to get a breathtaking view of these heritage buildings.

With lots of shops and restaurants nearby, Copley Square is located in a busy neighborhood. It has witnessed numerous events, concerts and even, protests. Every year, First Night comes alive with scintillating evening events. Copley Square, in the literal sense of the word, is a ‘square’. It is named after the painter, John Singleton Copley. The streets have actually been constructed in a square shape that consist of equilateral sides, since 1994.

The Square has become an irreplaceable internal organ of the city. Unlike the Boston Public Garden or the Trinity Church, the Square is actually a part that connects the city streets and serves as a vital pathway to other major attractions. It is one of those pit stops where you can unwind with a lazy cup of coffee as the city bursts forth with life. If you like to relax, then there are plenty of cafes where you can read books and observe people. In fact, you can also check out their farmer’s market for some fresh produce. Copley Square has got everything that marks Boston’s vibrant community.

19th century Boston’s passion for art and architecture is clearly visible in Copley Square. As part of planned progress, a lot of important landmark buildings were built near or adjacent to Copley Square. For instance, the Museum of Fine Arts along with the Harvard Medical School are at close quarters to the Square.

It might also interest you that since 1986, the Boston Marathon is concluded here. To celebrate the race’s 100th anniversary, a memorial was built near the Dartmouth and Boylston street corners.

Copley Square Location Map

Location Map of Copley Square

Location Map of Copley Square

Copley Square Facts

  • Copley Square was known as the Art Square since 1883. It acquired its present form in 1996 when it was partially paved and a pyramidal fountain sculpture constructed.
  • It is maintained by Friends of Copley Square, a non-profit organisation that raises funds to care for the Square’s fountains, monuments and plants.
  • There are three John Hancock buildings overlooking the Square. Out of these, the oldest one, presently called the Berkeley Building, standing at 26 metres, was for a long time, the second- tallest building in the city.

Where is Copley Square?

The Copley Square is located in Back Bay, Boston and is surrounded by Dartmouth Street, St. James Avenue, Clarendon Street and Boylston Street.

It is easily accessible by road and subway. Driving in the Back Bay neighbourhood is a terrible idea though, as most of the times, the roads are congested. The 55, 9 and 39 buses also service this area. The Copley Square subway station is reachable through the Green Line.

Best time to visit Copley Square

There are no tickets for visiting the Copley Square. This is a busy square that you can visit throughout the year. But remember, Boston has the best weather around autumn and spring, so ideally that’s when you should visit the Square.

More about Copley Square

Nearby Attractions: John Hancock Observatory, Old South Church, Trinity Church, Boston Public Library

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