A Picture of County Hall and London Eye on River Thames, in England(UK)

England is one of the four ‘home nations’ that make up the United Kingdom. England is the largest of the four nations in terms of surface area and population. In the north of England, you will find Scotland and Wales is located to the west of the England. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland lie across the Irish Sea to west of England. France and the Channel Islands lies across the English Channel to the south and to the east of England is great The North Sea.

The vast country of England has many things to offer ranging from vast plains to unruly mountain ranges, sandy deserts to soaring skyscrapers, dazing coastlines to impressive scenic beauty and flourishing cultural panorama to vibrant nightlife. Being the largest country in the United Kingdom England offers a wide scope of excitement and fun. The country is a traveler’s paradise.

You can reach England by taking Flights to England. The Island has many airports like, the London airport or Southampton airport that bring tourists from other cities of the world to England.

There are several car ferries routes from various countries of Europe. From the country of France, the Euro tunnel runs a frequent train service from Calais, France, to Folk stone which carries vehicles and their passengers. A number of well-maintained roads cross England’s borders with its British neighbors.

The travelers will get the best of resorts, hotels, and lodges for accommodation in England. For the international tourists, there are internationally famed accommodation units that offer superb room and hotel facilities and services to their guests. Plan to stay at any city in England and you will get the finest of accommodations waiting to welcome you in a warm manner.

The resorts and hotels have spacious and airy rooms that are tastefully designed and fitted with contemporary in-room amenities. The hotels also provide excellent dining and recreational facilities to make you feel at home away from home and enjoy your vacation whole heartedly.

There are several restaurant chains scattered all throughout England. Enjoy and savor the local cuisine of England like, deep-fried, battered fish with chips, Yorkshire pudding, sausages and a hearty vegetable and meat stew.

Some of the famous bars are located in England that serves world-class wines and drinks in a warm ambiance and at affordable rates.

England Map

Travel to England

The country of England is well connected with whole of the world and there is no dearth of communication in this country. The brilliant airways, railways, and roadways of the country keep it well connected with all the major cities of the world. Reaching England by air is very convenient, the country has 470 airports. London is the capital of the country and includes five airports. The Heathrow Airport of London is the major and largest airport of London. Everyday several airlines from all over the world operate from the various airports of the city. The British Airways, Ryanair, British Midland, Easyjet, and Go are some of the popular domestic airlines providing flights to England. Everyday you will get thousands of Flights to England.

Travel to England is very easy as you can choose from a variety of trains operating throughout the country. The major railways operating in the country are Anglia railways, Arriva trains, Central trains, Chiltern railways, Virgin trains, Silverlink trains, National rail, C2C, and Connex Rail. There are a number of railway stations in the major cities of the country including Southampton, London, York, Manchester, and Birmingham. All the major states of the country are conveniently connected with each other. The most cheapest and convenient way to access various regions of the country of England is through roads. There are the long distance express buses or the coaches that will carry you to your destination. You may also choose double or single decker buses for getting around England. Apart from this, shuttle taxis are also operation on the roads of the country.

To reach England, from outside Great Britain, you may opt for car ferries that take you to England or else get into the Island by the Channel Tunnel.


England is well-connected by well-planned roads, an efficient network of railways, ferry services, and numerous world-class airports. Statistics reveal that the ports in the southern and southeastern portion of England are busier than the ports in Manchester and Liverpool. Some of the other important ports which are used mainly for commercial purpose are Tilbury, Thamesport, Southampton, and Liverpool.

England transportation is easy and effortless as there are strict traffic rules and regulations. Numerous highways connect England with other countries of Europe. The whole of the country is well-connected with an efficient railways network. Apart from the speedy freight trains, yne can avail of the services of the “Tube” or the underground railway. The Channel Tunnel has been instrumental in connecting England and the rest of Europe. Journey between the countries have become faster and less tiring. The holidayers can avail of the services of Eurostar (Le Shuttle) and Eurotunnel.

The bus services, Underground services, and the cab are some other choices to travel around the country. The Gatwick Express has daily services from Gatwick Airport to the famous Victoria Station at an interval of half an hour. The other option is the Stansted Express which leaves the Stansted Airport for Liverpool Station every one hour.

The ferry ride or Seacat ride is an enjoyable affair and the boat trip to Dover, Folkestone, Calais, and Boulogne will take only 90 minutes from London. Ferry services to Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Scandinavia are available from England.

Things to do in England

Entertainment in England is as vibrant and as colorful as the country itself. The various entertainment options will appease the holidayers. Various regions in England have their own specialities and it is the diversity that has made England one of the favorite tourist destinations for the world traveler. If you start exploring England from the western tip you will be mesmerized by Cornwall, the region with a stunning coastline. Tiny villages, old smuggler’s inns, and the world-famous cream tea are not to be missed at any cost.

Among the numerous tourist attractions in England Brighton with its trendy resorts and Gloucestshire with its natural landscape have captured the attention of the holidayers. The countryside of England turns green and inviting and the small villages which dot the countryside looks as if they come straight from the picture postcard. Verdant valleys, large lakes, historic forts, lush greenery, and mystifying waterfalls are simply irresistible. The culminating point is of course the Yorkshire Moors which is wild and the crisp mountain air, which sweeps over the vast area will remind you of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Northumberland Cumbria are the places where you can get the best deals in tiny market towns.

Entertainment in England comprises of shopping and you will find some of the finest brands in England. Shopping in England can be fun as you shop to your heart’s content and check out the latest fashion trivia in Blueberry or Stella McCartney. China and porcelain products are found galore in Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Crown Derby, and Royal Worcester. If you are searching for the perfect souvenir, then you can buy chocolates and luxury food from Fortnum and Mason, and Harrods which are huge departmental stores. Nightlife in England is as vibrant as the city itself. Apart from traditional Shakespearean theatres, music concerts, and opera ballets, the nightclubs are hip and happening places where the young crowd can enjoy different types of music.

Even when you are not doing anything, you can hire a car and visit the lovely countryside. The winding country lanes, the sudden patch of green, and the cricket grounds where you can come across would-be cricket players honing their skills in county crickets add to the charm of England. If London amuses you with its vibrancy, then Leeds will please you with its trendy nightlife and Lake District will make you fall in love with the tranquil beauty of the place.

Some of the major attractions in England comprise the famous Windsor Castle, ancestral home of the Princess of Wales, Hadrian’s Wall, Hampton Court, Hatfield House, Norwich with its enchanting castles, Suffolk which is famous for its quiet nightlife, and the Caister-on-Sea.

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