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The Washington Monument in Washington DC, USA

The United States is one of the most powerful countries in terms of wealth. This combination of the 50 states has its climate varying from Subtropical to Arctic. Covering most of the part of North and Central America, this country shelters more than 300 million. The United States is a mixture of various ethnic groups and culture. Washington (DC) as its capital, this Federal Republic Country generally speaks English and Spanish, followed by some native colloquial dialects.

The United States is the third largest country of the world with numerous important cities. Cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami remain constantly under the focus of the tourists. While New York provides world famous dishes and sky, Miami offers you some stunning beaches. Be sure to visit the Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square and the Central Park when you visit New York. The country has everything for the people of all age groups. Cities like San Francisco and Boston give you the long range of attractions. This totally self-sufficient country is home to the major Hollywood industry along with some renowned Casinos of the world in Las Vegas. Reaching in such a big country will ask for some kind of planning.

While visiting the United States, it is advisable to carry a machine-readable passport along with your information in the front page. Though some countries like Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, etc., fall under the Visa Waiver Program, but for the rest of the world, the willing travelers have to go through a long and hectic process. Be sure of your motive of traveling while preparing a Visa.

Travel Map

USA Travel Map

Getting In

The United States has a well-developed network of road, air, rail, and water. Getting around the US is quite easy and hassle free as you can travel by plane, train, bus, car, taxi, etc. Owing to its big size Flights are the best mode of transport to roam around the country. This country with large cities and small towns has a good network of roads where cars can be the best way to travel within them.


With more than 100 airports the visitors can always opt for their preferred destination when visiting the United States. The national airlines of the United States, American Airlines, the United Airlines, and the Delta Air Lines, are the three of the airlines of the United States which offer flights to the country from locations in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, etc. The Delta Air Lines is the only airline by which connects the United States to Africa. Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) receives flights from different international airports of the world. Flights offer smooth and comfortable journey across the country. Some of the Major international airports in the United States, where the tourists are likely to find themselves, are listed below:

  • The John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • The Los Angeles International Airport
  • The Miami International Airport
  • The O’Hare International Airport
  • The Newark Liberty Airport
  • The San Francisco International Airport

Some of the major foreign airlines, which would help in getting to the United States, are listed below:

  • Air China
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Aeroflot
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air India
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Thai Airways International

There are some private jets, which are helpful in reaching smaller and remote airports. Jet travel is also luxurious and comfortable as you will be given luxury service throughout your journey. Then, you will be able to avoid the hassles and hurry of the busiest airports. You have also a very good option of hiring private jets for one time journey. This is popularly known as Air Charter. Chartering these smallest jet costs around $4,000 per flight hour. Although this seems to be quite expensive, but your travel will be a memorable one in such flight if you are traveling with your family.


You could also reach the United States from Mexico by train. You can reach the Mexican cities of Yuma, El Paso, and Del Rio by train. Extensive rail networks connect the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to American cities of New York, Chicago, and Seattle, respectively.

Trains come next to the planes as a popular mode of transport. However, the passenger trains are scarce and highly expensive. Train services are provided by Amtrak to different cities of the United States. It is best for sightseeing tours. For it passes through some areas which are exclusively beautiful and eye soothing. But before taking a journey by Amtrak, make sure that you have a plenty of time to spend. Apart from Amtrak, commuter trains are also helpful in traveling from one city to another.

Bus and Car

You can also reach the United States by car from the North American countries of Canada and Mexico. Some of the locations in Mexico from where you could drive to the United States are El Paso, San Diego, Tucson, and San Antonio. The Canadian destinations, from where getting to the United States by car is possible, are Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. From the locations in Mexico and Canada mentioned, one could also reach the United States by bus. Countries like Canada, and Mexico can reach there by car.

Buses are the safe and dependable mode of transport. There are Greyhound Bus Lines, Jefferson Bus Lines, Megabus, etc. Greyhound Bus Lines connect a large number of cities in the United States. Megabus offers daily service from Chicago to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, St. Louis, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Louisville. You can get discounted bus tickets from ‘Chinatown bus’ operators for traveling in East Coast cities and New York city.

Cars are convenient in traveling from one city to that of another. Selecting this means of transport you can enjoy private and self-centered journey. It is believed by many Americans that real America cannot be seen without cars.


Another option of getting to the United States is by boat. Some of the major ports include Port of Anchorage, Honolulu, Port of New Orleans, etc.


The United States has a huge packet of entertainment which adds new color and grace to your United States tours. There are sports, adventurous activities, cultural functions, etc.


There are many nightclubs in the United States, which glitter and dazzle with light. There is plenty of zeal, fervor, energy, and enthusiasm in these clubs of which you can be a part and make your night even brighter than the golden eye of the day. The nightclubs have restaurants and bars which offer delicious dinner and mind touching beer and wine. Not only this, there are dance halls, dancers, bands, and radio which add life to the nightclubs.


There are many rivers and lakes in the United States. You can participate in whitewater rafting in mild and wild rivers in California. For whitewater rafting, you can go to Klamath and Trinity river. The upper Sacramento flows from Mount Shasta and the rugged Trinity Mountains. Rafting on this river is really a wild experience. Baseball, basketball, football, golf, and soccer are some all-loved sports in the United States.

Rock Climbing

If you are adventurous and spunky rock climbing is the right thing to do. The United States is a hub of rock climbing experts. There are several industries which have experienced instructors. Under their guidance you can be a part of rock climbing adventure in Asheville North Carolina. While going for such adventure don’t forget to take water and snacks with you. If taken carefully, rock climbing is really an adored source of entertainment.

Florida, California, Hawaii, South Carolina, North Carolina, and New Jersey have the best beaches of the United States. Some of the beaches are wide and sprawl over a large area. Strolling on the soft sand beach can be really an unforgettable moment in your life, especially when you are with your companion. The oceanic beauty is enough to mesmerize you. The United States is rich in festivals. You can have an ecological and cultural excursion. For this purpose, it is better to visit Hawaii island, which is famous for its rich cultural and biological diversity.

Places to see

The United States has oodles of places of interest:

  • White House
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • Niagara Falls
  • Yellowstone
  • Grand Canyon
  • Manhattan
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Kilauea
  • Florida Keys
  • Denali National Park
  • Islands of Hawaii
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Devil’s Lake State park
  • Disneyland

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