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Africa travel map showing the attractive travel destinations in the African continent

The ‘dark continent’, Africa, is the second largest continent of the world. Covering around six percent of the total surface area of the Earth, it is home to about fourteen percent human population of the world, making it the second highest populous continent, only after Asia.

Continent of Africa
The only continent to be spread across the northern and southern hemisphere over the equator of the globe, the continent of Africa covers about twenty percent of the world’s total landmass.

The western part of Africa is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea to the north while the Red Sea and the Suez Canal lies in the northeastern part. The southeast frontier is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

The first thing that comes to our mind when discussing a trip to Africa is wild beasts roaming through the vast jungles and terrains. From creepy reptiles, birds, herbivores or carnivores, Africa is home to the largest wild population of the world. This very uniqueness of the jungles and African safaris make it a favorite spot for adventure-loving tourists and nature lovers around the world. It’s an unforgettable experience to see the wild inhabitants grazing freely across the barren lands and dense forests.

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The geographical location of Africa makes it a continent with varied climate areas. Rainfall is scarce and the absence of glaciers has little or no moderating effect on the African climate. Though the coastal areas are a touch more moderate than the rest.

Apart from the astounding diversity of flora and fauna, Africa hosts age-old cultural and traditional practices that are still very much prevalent among the natives and tribal people. Thanks to the colonial effects, despotism and corrupt governments, most African countries feature at the bottom of the United Nation’s Human Development Index (HDI).

Some important countries to visit in Africa includes : South Africa, Mali, MauritiusMadagascarMorocco, Kenya and Seychelles.

 African Safari

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