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Majuro Map

Facts About Majuro
CountryMarshall Islands
StateRatak Chain
Area9.71 km2
Lat Long Coordinates7°4′ N 171°16′ E
Time Zone(UTC+12)
Area Code+692 - 625
LanguageMarshallese and English
Major ReligionChristians
Point of interestMajuro atoll, Laura Beach, Eneko Island, National Telecommunication building, Formosa

About City : 
Majuro is the capital of Marshall Islands and also the biggest island of the country. It has a population of around 25,000. Majuro has been called "The Pearl of the Pacific" by author Robert Louis Stevenson.

Germany colonized Majuro and the other Marshall islands in 1884. In 1914, Japanese Navy captured Majuro and ruled it until the US army invaded it in 1944. The island was granted independence in the year 1986 and was put under the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands controlled by the US.

The island is famous for fishery and war monuments. English and Marshallese are the widely spoken languages here.

Geography : 
Majuro lies in the Pacific Ocean and is an oval shaped atoll with 53 slender islets, which together arc into a 108 km ribbon. It is around 48 km away from the islets of Delap, Uliga and Djarrit. The highest point of elevation of the island is at a height of 10 m and is located on Laura Beach, which is 40 km away from the town.

How To Reach (Transport) : 
The best way to reach the city is to take a flight to Amata Kabua International Airport or Marshall Islands International Airport, situated at the southern side of the atoll. To get to the various sides of the atoll, one can avail the "Island Hopper" flying services offered thrice-weekly by United Airlines from Honolulu. For the rest of the weekdays, frequent flights are available from the city of Guam.

The island is also accessible by boats and ferries run by the local authorities via the busy port of Majuro Lagoon.

Moving inside the city is quite easy as it has only one road. The road running between Delep and Laura is just a single two lane paved road, lined with houses on both sides. Taxis are fairly cheap and readily available. The local people are also very helpful and often offer a free ride to tourists if they are going in the same direction.

When to Visit : 
Majuro has a tropical climate with a constant temperature and precipitation throughout the year. Temperature ranges from a minimum of 21 degree Celsius to a maximum of 30 degree Celsius. Due to its pleasant climate, Majuro is eligible for tours and visits at all times of the year.

Fairs and Festivals : 
The festivals of Majuro are as follows : 
  • The Liberation Day, celebrated across the islands on the days different islands got freedom from US respectively and is celebrated by an exciting canoe race.

  • The Coconut Cup Regatta, celebrated between late March and early April is an annual affair open to sailing crafts of all sizes from luxury yachts to small and traditional Marshallese boats.

  • Constitution Day, celebrated on 1st May is celebrated through parades, wreaths and field day competitions.

  • Fisherman’s Day, held on the first Friday of July is a friendly competition among all the fishermen of the area.

Points Of Interest (Places to Visit) : 
Majuro offers a lot of options for sea sports aficionados and is also rich in war history.
  • Laura Beach, 40 km away from the city center is the only place on the island which can’t be covered on foot. It lies on the western tip of the main island.

  • Majuro Bridge is the highest point of the island and offers a good view of the city.

  • Arno Atoll is an undeveloped site which serves as a great spot for diving and other sea sports.

  • Bokolap Island is a popular scuba diving site where divers can see thousands of fishes as well as the remains of a torpedo plane of World War II.

  • Enoko Island, 40 km away from the Uliga Island is a small atoll, privately owned by the owners of Hotel Robert Reimers. It offers overnight stays at pristine cottages and has facilities for activities like diving, snorkeling, beach combing and picnics.

Other points of interest include the Kalalin Pass, Mile 17 and RPE Maricultures.

Accommodation : 
There are various places you can stay in Majuro. Most of the hotels have private bars and taxi services available. Enoko Island huts are highly recommended by the travelers and local people. Hotel Robert Reimers is a locally owned and operated lodging and is quite expensive. Other hotels include the Long Island Hotel and the Marshall Islands resort.

Last Updated : October 17, 2013