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Kyrgyzstan Lakes

An integral part of Kyrgyzstan geography is Kyrgyzstan rivers. There are over forty thousand streams and rivers in Kyrgyzstan. All the Kyrgyzstan rivers combine to from an approximate length of one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers. The melt water from snowfields and innumerable glaciers found in the mountains, feed the rivers of Kyrgyzstan. Rainwater plays an insignificant part in feeding the rivers. The largest Kyrgyzstan rivers feature Naryn, Chatkal, Talas, Sarydjas and Chu. At the mount ares, these rivers have low water temperature and a tumultuous flow.

The longest Kyrgyzstan river is River Naryn, with a length of five hundred and thirty five kilometers. The meeting of Litlle Naryn River and the Big have led to the formation of River Naryn. Large tributaries such as Kekemeren and At Bashi supply water to River Naryn. The river eventually drains into Aral Sea, collecting water from some other tributaries on its way. River Naryn is quite a famous Kyrgyzstan river, since ancient times.

The course of River Chatkal passes through a remote valley, located in the extreme western edge of Kyrgyzstan. The Chatkal river is situated in western part of Tian Shan mountain range. The river eventually flows into Uzbekistan. The Talas River has a special historical relevance although it is an important river in its own right. The Chinese troops were defeated on the banks of Talas River. The secret of silk and paper making were unleashed on the banks of Talas River.

The Sarydjas river originates from the Khan Tengri formation slopes and traces a course amidst some spectacular mountain peaks. The Chui River follows an extensive course. Beginning in the Naryn area, the river flows through the Book Gorge. It eventually disperses into the desert regions of Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan rivers in addition to these major rivers also feature Kara Dary, Keke Meren and Kyzyl Suu.

Last Updated Date: September 24, 2016

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