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Flora and Fauna of Kiribati

The Flora and Fauna of Kiribati aptly complement the humid and wet climate of the Kiribati islands. The Flora and Fauna of Kiribati includes various vegetations and animals that adorn the islands of Kiribati. Heavy rainfall and high temperature of the tropical climate give rise to some distinctive flora and fauna which are found only in Kiribati. The Flora and Fauna of Kiribati make it an interesting and popular tourist spot of the world.

The Flora of Kiribati includes abundant growth of the coconut trees throughout the islands. Besides the coconut palms, Kiribati is also the proud owner of other plants and trees like the following: There is also an availability of the coastal shrubs that are found in large numbers in the Kiribati islands. The Fauna of Kiribati however comprises various species of animals. The varied fauna of Kiribati include different types of birds. Reptiles and other animals. The sea water and the lagoons in Kiribati make it a perfect place for fishing and taking it up as a profession. The various types of fishes found in Kiribati are the following:

The Kiribati islands are famous for the variety of birds found there. Some of them are:

Kiribati is famous for the large Robber crabs found in the islands. The Red crabs are also found in large numbers in Kiribati