Anhui Travel

Anhui province in China is one of the prime travel attractions. This district is situated in such a place as though Anhui was predestined to be culturally rich and a storehouse of heritages. It is situated in the South Eastern part of main land of China and is in touch with the borders of six other regions in China. As a result it has a variety of cultural trends within its own body of culture.

Anhui has an interesting variety of landscapes also. Somewhere it is simple plain, somewhere it is mountain region and somewhere again it is influenced with the flow of many rivers. Two most influential rivers in Anhui are the Yangtze and Huai He. Anhui has magnificent mountain ranges in the South Eastern part of the district and plain area near the river zones and towards the North Eastern part of the province. Moreover there are a number of natural lakes in Anhui . All these natural beauties have ample attraction for the travelers here. Travel to Anhui for these natural resources can really prove to be an experience of lifetime.

The tourist spots in Anhui can be roughly divided in some groups. Like the natural attractions can be put in a separate group and the historical attractions can be kept in some other group. Anhui can boast of its natural and cultural heritages and resources as well as of its rich history.

Among the natural wonders of Anhui province of which it is a proud owner, are the range of famous mountains. Some of them are, Mount Jiuhua, Mount Huangshan, Mount Tian Zhu and lots of others. Mount Juihua is known for its auspicious connection with Buddhism. Mount Huangshan and Mount Tian Zhu, on the other hand are famous for their picturesque and tremendously wonderful sceneries, their cloudy apparel and the sublime peaks.

Side by side with these natural beauties Anhui has a rich historical sights also. In Anhui there are some villages where not only the historical monuments, but also the total historical culture and connection are saved. These villages can easily take the visitors away to a far back historical time. In the Southern part of Anhui province, Hongcun and Xidi are such villages where history is preserved in this way. In these villages reminiscences of the famous Ming and Qing dynasties can still be found and experienced.

Anhui has lots of other tourist attraction also. Some of its cities also are interesting travel sites. Like the capital Hefei city itself is a very nice travel destination . In addition there is the rich cultural heritage of Anhui that is another attraction of travel in Anhui.

Last Updated on: October 6th, 2017